After Migration still no coins

Hi, i sent my safex coins to the burn address before the closing date and never received my equivalent tokens in return. still nothing, please help.

It wasn’t just a matter of doing the migration burn. Did you complete the entire process (set both halves) successfully? Did the Migration Table populate after you did your burn? (That was the visual confirmation in the wallet that you did it all correctly).

yes i set both halves and as far as i can tell it all confirmed, just have zero balance now. i have a confirmation in my history showing the coins i sent to the burn address- should i send you this?

What does the Migration Table show?

zero everything apart from the minimal btc left

If the Migration Table didn’t populate, then you didn’t set the halves correctly. That is why the additional 48-hr grace period was provided - to allow people to fix any issues.

If you just ignored it, then it is now too late.

I did set both halves correctly. surely you can look this up. so now i just have to be fine with my coins being gone?

If you share your old address, I can look at the block explorers.

tx address?

Your old Safex address… wallet address.


Correctly set halves and burn show three outgoing txns (Set - Set - Burn)

Unfortunately, you obviously panicked (doing it on 2 December) and rushed the process. You needed to let the first half get set and the txn get processed before moving forward to set the second half. You obviously didn’t, because you actually managed to get the burn txn onto the same block as the setting of the first half, meaning you absolutely did things far too quickly.

Proof is in the timestamps:

Only two outgoing txns.

so gone and nothing that can be done for me to receive the 59,615 tokens?

No. You simply left it until the last possible day, and then rushed the process.

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news.


Pretty gutted ive lost my coins even after following the correct procedure, and because i “rushed” the process, my investment (first coin i ever bought) is gone. Even though you can clearly see ive burned my safex coins to the correct address - why cant you send me the equivalent safex tokens?

The migration window was open for ~390 days from early November 2018 until 30 November 2019.

The 48-hour grace period was added to allow anyone who had unsuccessfully attempted to complete the migration process during that 390 days to correct any issues.

It was also agreed that anyone who successfully performed the migration process in the first instance during the grace period would also be eligible to receive the SFT and SFX airdrop.

The migration process was a trustless and anonymous mechanism, whereby the account holder had to provide their new blockchain address via two transactions (setting the halves) and ADDITIONALLY burn their old coins to the burn address. Three successful transactions were required to provide the necessary information for receiving the SFT and SFX.

You failed to provide all the necessary information in the trustless, anonymous manner required, not to mention you only first attempted it in the final hours of the 48-hr grace period, having failed to initiate the process during the actual 390-day migration window.

You’re trying to blame the process, when your inaction during the vast amount of time provided during the migration window is the actual reason you failed to receive any SFT and SFX.

Had you started sooner, there was support available to help you correct the issues. You simply waited too long to do it.

but youve seen that the tokens have been burned. I followed the process in dans video and WAS still within the time period. I provided the correct info and followed the steps. Safex should honor my burned coins by providing the equivalent tokens.

As previously shown, you only successfully provided two-thirds of the necessary information. Failure to set the second “half” information meant you did not provide all required information to receive the SFT and SFX.

Without all three pieces of information (both halves + burn) it was impossible to send SFT and SFX, as the destination address was unknown.

I understand what youre saying, but on my safex wallet i DID set the second half and followed the correct procedure within the time space. It failed and now ive lost my investment. surely im not the only one out there thats had this issue. the fact that theres proof of me burning my safex stack to the correct burn address means I should receive more support than this… If i did not correctly set the second half then why did it allow me to then go on and burn all coins?

Many, many people failed to set the second half correctly on their first migration attempt, because they didn’t wait sufficiently long enough for the first half txn to get a confirmation on the BTC blockchain, before attempting to trigger the second half too early and clicking through to the burn screen.

Once the Migration Table didn’t populate after they did their burn, they could then see the visual proof that they didn’t do things properly.

The vast majority of those people subsequently went back, Reset, and did the process again (slower) to rectify. I personally provided support to dozens of people in that exact position.

But they rectified it prior to the end of the grace period.

Anyone who failed to have both halves set, and their burn done, prior to the end of the grace period are in the same position as you.

I’ve spoken to several. Once explained to them, most understood they were responsible for making sure it was all in order.

That is the end of the matter.