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Hello Safex Community,

As soon as I can purchase more Safex coins I hope to buy them from the website. In order to do that I recently discovered that it seems this will work with the Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome, but not Internet Explorer.

It appears that the maximum amount of Safex coins to purchase is limited to 200000. Is that figure actually 200000 times some multiple of 10, or if someone was interested in purchasing more, could they then make a purchase of 200000 and then say 100000 back to back?

Kind Regards, Joe

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The figure is the exact amount that would be bought/sold.

If you want you can make multiple orders. You supply the address (public key) where you would expect your safex coins to go to.

If you want to buy more in one shot or trade day to day you can set up an account on

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for that response!

I bought and purchased a little over 100,000 Safex coins from Bittrex recently and transferred them to my Safex Wallet. Hopefully soon I will be able to buy some more Safex Coins and I thought it would be better to buy them directly from

If I were to purchase more Safex Coins from Bittrex or, would I supply the address that was created for me from the Safex Wallet? Originally, when I first created my Safex Wallet I logged in and selected “Receive”, which created an address for me. That was the address I used to transfer my Safex Coins from Bittrex to the Safex Wallet.

One thing I noticed when I originally bought Safex Coins from Bittrex was that it took a while before I was able to procure the coins. I’m not interested in trading, but I am very interested in Safex Coins as an investment and I am excited about the Safex Community and the future for Safex and the Chille Blockchain!

Thank you for all your great work!!!

Kind Regards, Joe


Keep buying! The dividends are incredible!

yes that’s right, you should also make a backup of your wallet (hit the gear icon above your addresses)


You will be much better off buying Safex coins from Bittrex and trasferring them over to the Safex wallet. When you buy them on the Safex site, you are charged over 20% above the value of Safex coins you get.

Thanks for letting me know Thistle!

I appreciate all the hard work Dan Dabek and his team are doing and I’m also grateful to the Safex community.

Hoping I will have an opportunity to buy more Safex soon.

Best Wishes to everyone!!!

Hi All,

Can I buy Safex directly from Kraken exchange by transferring bitcoin to Safex wallet? I currently buy bitcoin on Kraken and then transfer to Bittrex to buy Safex, which means two sets of commissions.


Not sure if Kraken is currently listing Safex, however there is a petition to do just that.

Yes, aware of that. What I meant is what is the simplest way of getting safex. FIAT currency - BTC - Safex.