Cryptopia status after almost 2 weeks

So does anyone know what is going to happen with trading at Cryptopia?
1500+ signatures from the community seems like quite the commitment from Safex supporters.

And how about the insanely unreasonable fee of 1500 Safex for withdrawal… everyone just going to bend the knee and swallow this abuse?
They didn’t even give any notice when they stopped the trading. Maybe someone would have liked to sell their coins if they had a small amount, to avoid the 1500 fee…?

Waiting for final decision…

But am I risking losing my coins letting them stay on Cryptopia, waiting for their decision?

No. Cryptopia will give final answer after final review. And is usually months after coin delisting. Ill try to find my email…

Thank you,

I really appreciate your help and info on this matter :slight_smile:

Np :slight_smile:
Here is the email:
" I’m really sorry there’s still no clear statement on what we’ll do with SAFEX, I honestly don’t know more than the mention of a “final review” before we delist the wallet…

However, I can assure you that we will definitely offer plenty of opportunity to withdraw before we actually delist it – I can’t give certain ETA’s, but we usually allow at least a month period for users to have the ability to withdraw, ie there should be a month still AFTER we take the wallet out of maintenance.
Possibly even a month for withdraws after whenever we do this ‘final review’…"

Okay, thanks.
I just hope they are capable of giving notice this time.
De-listing a coin without giving people a chance to act is just insane!

Any news regarding Cryptopia and the chance of having Safex listed on their platform again?