Ah my money is in and it’s not coming out. See how much I can get super cheap before it’s gone! Would be a good time to reveal a bit more about these other exchanges that were mentioned though.

Yea, what are the other exchanges that trade safex?

cryptopia is the other exchange


cryptopia but the volume there is 4 BTC today comparing to 300 BTC on bittrex

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But there was mention of a couple of new ones no?

Wait till everyone has to move to it.


Cryptopia 1500 Safex fee to withdaw too :frowning:

is this a problem?? any reason why bittrex is delisting?

If you believe on the Idea and you are long term investor (2-5 years) and you have in offline wallet safex tokens or on other than bittrex broker - no it is not a problem. But if you short term investor and your coins on bittrex, you have very big problem.

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There are rumours that is because of dividends which is for some reason problem for Bittrex. It doesn’t mean that SAFEX is not going to exist anymore, you are just not going to be able to trade on Bittrex.

yaa i agree

do we get our coins out of coinspot? will other exchanges follow suit?

damn this isnt good…they should try and list on other big exchanges … i think panic selling is going on now…

That’s exactly what is happening because there hasn’t been any official announcement yet and ppl are scared. Well, some big market heads would say to buy when the market is scared…

I hope it is just a flash crash

yummy for me!!

Delisted mean - your safex will be worth 0

On this exchange

I believe the delisting would have been flagged with Dan as part of Bittrex investigating whether this is a ‘share’ or dividend paying coin. They do speak to the developer, the Bittrex investigator also looks at our forums and the Safex website for clues that would suggest it is a ‘security’.

Trying for a listing on other exchanges was flagged a few weeks ago, I don’t think this is a coincidence…