Dividends and lost accounts: Possible solutions

I’ve seen quite a few in the past 48 hours in this forum…

Compared to 2 billion it is still only a very small portion. And not all of them were lost.

Yes I agree there are some, but its likely still only a few. What we’ve seen all told in the forum lost coins would add up to less than a million from what I’ve seen. One million is 1/2000th == 0.05% And some of them are likely to be recovered when the user finds out how.

Also some are lost to exchanges and I’d say that the exchanges will put those unaccounted for coins into a kitty they can earn dividends on. Even if the coins can be returned at a later time. Oh and safex coins being traded will likely sit in the exchange’s safex wallet earning dividends too

So really the coins are not always lost, just the owner lost them.

In 48 hours.

in 48 hours we may have seen a few 10’s of thousands. Could even be 10K at most. And not all are totally lost. Some/most are on an exchange which then owns them and will use them as they see fit.

Also some claim lost because it takes too long in their estimation to transfer to the safex wallet. And few come back to say that the coins arrived.

So no not that many. We’ve seen people talk about 1000 coins as a lot. So unless people quote the exact amount then don’t take it as a lot.

Remember as far as this discussion is concerned it is lost forever not lost to an exchange or another person. And lost forever mentioned in this forum is very small.

In any case lost coins are not a problem. Not unless its like 70+%

Why? Because the market adjusts for lost coins (even our dividends) because the coins can never be put up for sale the markets then see scarcity and the price goes way up when coins are scarcer. Take bit coin with millions lost/unusable/locked and it is not suffering in price.

tl;dr lost coins means they are scarcer to get and the price reflects this scarcity by going up. So no its not a problem unless its like 75% or more that are lost.

I agree with your latter point here, but even with your former we’re fine.

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It would be nice to get an actual figure on the real lost coins figure. Since as you say I could be way off in my estimations.