Do not panic sell such a good coin!

I will likely rejoin holding Safex on my portfolio once things get back on track, progress is made, once Safex starts to grow, and I’ll be able to hold more Safex at that time than just staring at a flatline.

I think they still have enough funding with all the hype that had been going on in order to expand the team and make that progress. I on the other hand got misled by all the delayed promise and finally by the bugged wallet (horrible misfortune on my part) and ended up on -10% instead of 60% gains at the top during a great boom.

NEVER going all in on any one coin again. I am a 3 week crypto n00b.

After selling at 560 I even thought about recovering my losses buying right before the wallet at 460 or maybe even catching that 400 then riding the wallet high and bailing out but I was stupid and crazy and changed my mind, bought back at 509 and ignored the cash in, thinking I shouldn’t make a cash in, relax and that the project was going to uptrend. I did not recover my lost growth and ended up on overall minus.

Basically I bought at about 670 and bailed at 450, no benefit from pump and dumps (we have to also consider Bitcoin uptrend, I lost less than it appears)

When and if Safex starts to grow thanks to real progress, I’ll keep and eye for that to rejoin.

Agree, there is something not right about BCC…my understanding is that it’s the bankers pumping, they are using their age old template against an enemy…divide and conquer.

Bitcoin is not under their control (yet). do the next best thing is to split it and then control the new one, then they will split it even more until whatever power to the people it represented will be surplanted by the greedy banksters…business as usual for them that control the world :blush:


Same Happen with me…

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Don’t forget that this project is going forward. When everybody is buying, you sell! When everybody is selling, you buy!


Im buying a couple of BTC more ! This is a joke guys. Who the hell sells at a loss when a project is gaining real traction? Too many novices. Look at BTC, Ether and many giant gains. They were made over 18 month - 3 year time frames. Right now on Bittrex, 500 000 - 1 000 000 coin bids. Multiple times over.


I don’t believe anyone who is HODL for the long term is panicking. I think secretly there are those amongst us who are smiling inside and are eager to buy more Safex as it dips! Shake all the weak hands out for all i care :slight_smile:


Could not agree more I am buying more every other day:slight_smile:

I need to sell everything:) Just bought 25000 more shares today not sure why others are not buying while still low?

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Bruce, exactly my strategy. I’m trying to double down on this coin. I’ll literally be able to live off the dividends! I don’t understand how this coin is not gaining more traction!? We know Dan Dabek and his team are an unstoppable force! They are doing this because they believe 100% that it will change the way we trade. IT WILL!


Here Here Aston! :slight_smile:

Still, less people at this stage better for us who are just getting into the story.

Damn, live off the dividends?
It’s safe to say you have well over a million safex then.
If only I had known about this last year I would have followed suit