ETC - Ethereum Classic

ETC getting sold since 7 million of them are entering the market 2 million of which have already been redeemed from the … DAO Classic Refund contract

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had to hop out of this 1 a bit ago
mayb i jump back in here

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ETC just rallied 20%+ in the past hour…

ETC stays popped, we’ll see how it goes in the future, maybe people who now got them from the Classic DAO are interested in its raising price, I think that applications being built on ETC is the only thing that will drive it

ETC nothing much since massive declines… I think that it may need to go on margin in order to go up, where the short sellers get their accounts liquidated.

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ETC resting at resistance.

ETC its usual range bound.

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ETC still circling in the same place

ETC dropping relatively very low right here below 0.002

Significant investment doors opening into Ethereum Classic

Will the ETH going PoS influence mining of ETC and its price, what do you think?


With ETH PoS then all the miners will switch to ETC and puuuummmppp!


I believe that also with ETH going PoS the miners will look for other profitable GPU mineable coins such as Safex Cash.

We will need this to strengthen the network.


When is ethereum going to pos?

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I’m sure that the constant increase in mining block rewards will ever increasingly entice new miners to join the network.

@noircap1 It depends on when the Ethereum Development Team completes their Caspar Protocol. Luckily since block rewards increase as time passes, then these guys who are mining Ethereum today will get a windfall on transitioning to Safex Cash Mining.

An excerpt from the Blue Paper shows the Block Reward from Mining Safex Cash. Over time the Block Reward increases until the 7th year before the Block Reward decreases.


I have a very silly question : but why is it a good thing if there are many miners on safex network ? why it would pump safex ? :see_no_evil: