New Wallet Release! The Safex Big Box Store Wallet

A new wallet, called the Safex Big Box Store, has just been published for the Safex Blockchain and Marketplace. The Safex Blog will soon publish a series of Big Box articles: (links will be added as they get published)

The article series is designed to give the user a thorough understanding of the software, and guide them through the installation process and subsequent use.

Significant efforts have been made to thoroughly test the Big Box ecosystem. Users are requested to post any bugs (ideally with screenshot and explanation of what they were doing) to this thread, using the bug reporting format provided below. Additionally, any ideas for improvements to the software can likewise be posted in this thread.

Bug Reporting Format:

Which field you entered, or button you pushed, to trigger the error.

Expected Result
What you think should’ve happened.

What actually happened. (Screenshot, if available)

How to replicate
Explain here.


The Wallet will be here: GitHub - safexninja/safex-big-box-store-wallet
The Store Front application wil be here: GitHub - safexninja/safex-big-box-store-front


Is it all there now ?

Yes, they are both good to go.

First supporting blog article should also be out in the next day or so :crossed_fingers:

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:ok_hand: :+1:

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Edit to OP 9/9/23: link to 101 added.


Left all my Safex staked on TWM and that wallet, I see they are still there. I am not on dischord,

Still no understanding what is going on, can someone just tell us what is going on?

In General… Like what the Fk is going on, Like speaking to a child… :wink:

Example, this did not work, we are doing this…

Your SFT are staked on the blockchain, not a specific wallet. Load that address into the new Big Box wallet, and after a hard rescan, all your stakings will show up.

The Safex.Market efforts appears to currently be stalled at the fundraising phase, following the successful pilot program. (Funds are needed to roll out the program in full, per the vision Dan has for that undertaking). That said, there are still heaps of items on offer for US customers.

The Big Box Store software, to which this OP relates, is a community wallet and store front ecosystem, which allows anyone to list items and run their own store, etc.

It is available for all, and now simply needs people to start using it.

A ‘lite’ version of the Big Box Store Wallet is now in development, for those who find the full ecosystem a bit much for their skill level.


Edit to OP 20/9/23: the 102 article is now published.


Edit to OP 22/9/23: the 103 article is now published


The big box articles apply equally to the lite version as to the full suite, with the exception of the installation instructions for the full version in 102.

For the lite version, as with past Safex wallets, people should go into the properties of the app after install and tick the box for running in admin mode.


Gosh what a shit show and wonder why people are so hesitant.

Or is it a F?.

I’ve seen and used plenty of open source software that’s unsigned. Not sure what the big issue is, so long as you trust the dev or can check the code. And in this case I absolutely trust the dev. It will eventually get signed.

The software works. Items have now been listed and sold on the Big Box Store, and it works great.

People whinged about “no v2 available” for so long. Now there’s a community-built equivalent which anyone can use. Have at it!


How to set up staking in this wallet.

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Big box wallet security suggestions:

  1. I could not find an option to change initial password
  2. Wallet keys can be revealed without re-entering a password. Can this be changed?



There is no option to change the user password, so you can stop looking :sweat_smile:

As for the additional request to confirm pw when you access the key, that sounds like a fair comment. I vaguely recall during sbbs testing that it was suggested. Perhaps it’s on already the future todo list.

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Thanks. I’ve not been following Safex news recently, except for the being box wallet. Is Daniel still involved?

He gives you this lengthy reply in another thread and THEN you ask this question???

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I did not see a reply.