No rewards

I just checked my payouts, and I haven’t gotten one in 10 days now. The miner has been running pretty much nonstop outside of me toggling the cpu settings a couple times to see if I could get it going again as far as the payouts. The pool I’m using shows that my computer is working, but I’m no longer receiving payouts. Any input? I’m on safexnews pool

Hi J2thaD, I started a new thread with a similar question the other day. Haven’t received a response back as yet:

The problem was because the the time you where running the Miner just felt within a period where the Blockchain had a very high difficulty…

Of course it also depents on the CPU you are mining with, but the blockchain is back to normal and if you are mining with a at least semi decent cpu (which would include all i5 and i7 from second generation upward as well as comparable AMD CPUs) you should get a payout every second or third day now

Yes, I was told. It seems to be back up and running now, as I’m back to the reward rate I had prior to that.

Yes, mine was fluctuating, from twice in a day to every two days.