Tradesatoshi deposit

Hello community im hoping someone can give me some insight to whats going on with my safex deposit
So i sent it to Tradesatoshi 9 days ago and the txid shows 1,400 confirmations where trade Satoshi shows 1 and confirmed but they still havnt credited me my coins support says dont worry they are safe and to enjoy the holidays :man_facepalming:t2: What kind of response is that they didn’t address my ticket at all
Il starting to think they are lost within the transaction
Here is the transaction id

They do not credit you till it hits 6

It could be that their wallet code is looking at number of confirmations since the wallet comes out of maintenance. Not right but would explain the situation and the response.

@Rob thanks for your insight guess ill just have to wait and see what happens

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They responded to be within 8 hours and solved my issue. I dont know where in the world you are, but it was New Years Eve/Day and you need to allow for time zones. They are a small mob and not sitting around all day to look after us like a call centre. I bought coins for first time and sent to my wallet no dramas in like 15 minutes. I will use again to get a larger amount.