TWM Wallet Walkthrough: Getting it going

For Linux, it’s assumed you know what you’re doing, but please read the General Notes below.

For Mac Walkthrough: The World Marketplace TWM Wallet - Gate to Crypto-Commerce walkthrough

Windows special instructions for TWM wallet installation

To prepare for downloading and installing the files, create a folder called “safex” or “TWM” or any other folder name you prefer.

Then, in your antivirus software (including windows defender), add the new “” folder to your exclusion list. You may also need to disable some of the real-time protections temporarily, like webpage scanning, etc.

Download the file directly to the “” folder, or your antivirus may block the download or quarantine the file immediately.

Once the file finishes downloading, Windows may prompt you to Discard the file. The dropdown to the right of Discard allows you to select Keep. Some browsers are more temperamental than others.

Open the folder where the TWM install file was saved.

Next, right click on the installation file and select Properties.

You may find that Windows has Blocked the file from running. Select Unblock.

Next, go to the Compatibility tab and tick the checkbox beside Run this program as an administrator.

Click Apply , then OK.

Double click the file and allow it to install the TWM wallet.

Once installed, there will be a shortcut to the run file on your desktop. So right click on the shortcut, click on Open File Location button, then right click-properties on the actual TWM run file, go to compatibility tab and tick the checkbox for Run in Administrator mode.

IMPORTANT: Add the entire installation folder to your AV exclusions prior to you enabling your AV again.

General notes about twmwallet:

  • twmwallet requires a minimum of 3 files to function properly: data file, .keys file, .twm file
  • restoring from keys/seed only creates the data file and .keys file
  • you need to close a freshly restored wallet and reopen it via Open Existing to allow the wallet to detect there’s no .twm file yet, and thus create it
  • the .twm file is needed for Messaging and other API interactions

Restoring from Seed

Ensure your 25 word mnemonic seed is in a document without any carriage returns and just a single space between each word.

When asked for the seed, copy-paste all 25 words at once.

When asked to name your wallet file, choose a folder other than the TWM installation folder (previous Safex wallets would delete everything in the installation folder during upgrade, so better to have your wallet files somewhere else).

Once you name the file and create a password, there will be two files created - walletname (data file) and walletname.keys

Once you have successfully restored from seed, close the wallet and then start the TWM wallet again. This time, select Open Exisiting wallet and click on the .keys file for the wallet you just restored.

You’ll get a popup saying,”the wallet couldn’t open the TWM file, perhaps there was none, let’s make a new one?”


Click ok. (This creates the third file that the wallet needs for messages, etc)

The wallet will open and it will start to sync. There won’t necessarily be any indication that it is performing the sync. (Same for if you hit the Hard Rescan button - it doesn’t display any indication it is doing it, but just accept that it is, and leave it alone for an hour or so.)

Let it finish syncing and your balance will appear, maybe after an hour or so, depending on your geolocation and internet speed, etc.


Reported issue: could not type in amount of tokens to stake.

Workaround: a couple of different options seem to exist…

  • copy/paste your staking amounts from another document
  • minimising and then maximising the wallet may also free up the field to allow typing another amount

Reported issue: password error when you try to open a wallet previously restored from keys.

Workaround: this seems to be an intermittent issue. For now is best to restore from mnemonic seed. If you don’t have your seed, then restore from keys (in Orbiter or cli) and immediately take note of your seed and backup the info. Then, if you strike the issue the next time you open the wallet, you can at least restore from seed and avoid a repeat of the issue.

If you don’t have your mnemonic seed and can’t use Orbiter or cli wallets to get it, then you’ll have to restore from keys each time you want to use the twmwallet, until the bug gets fixed.


Reported issue: errors when staking.

image image

Assuming you have sufficient SFT and SFX to perform the tx, the most likely cause of the error is Mix-in value is too high for the wallet to find suitable outputs for the mixin (obfuscation) level.

Solution: reduce Mixin value. Many reports coming in that 5 or less resolved this.


14 April 2021: Added General Notes to OP.

Further to this one… this issue can present in any text field, including when trying to enter shipping info during a purchase.

Minimising then maximising the wallet is the easiest workaround, and the text field unlocks and allows typing. You may have to do this multiple times as you work through the assorted text fields within the wallet.


Market Tab: issue identified - Listed Products don’t scroll.

No workaround currently known.


Edited OP: Clarified the need to whitelist the entire twm installation folder with your AV, before you enable it again after the installation.

Edited OP: General Housekeeping - added Mac Walkthrough link and Linux comment.