Wallet 1.0 issue

In my attempt to transfer safex from wallet 0.7 to 0.1; all goes well until I enter my password; then screen goes blank instead of logging in to new wallet. What to do? Please help. Thank you!

Hmmmm… maybe you’ve explained it poorly, or perhaps aren’t aware…

The v7 Migration wallet is for old Blockchain Safex, with migration functionality.

The v1 (and its replacement, the v2 Orbiter) wallet is for SFT and SFX on the new Blockchain.

You can’t transfer Safex (old coin) to the v1 wallet.

If you have completed migration, then you can import your new Blockchain address into the v1/v2 wallet. You cannot import your old Blockchain address into the v1 wallet.

If you are understanding it correctly and working with your new Blockchain details, then you may be striking a blue screen bug that existed in the v1 wallet for several OSs, and still remains for some Mac OS versions in the v2 wallet.

I would suggest you upgrade to the v2 wallet regardless, then try again.

Sorry I didn’t explain it well…I have already migrated to v7 wallet, but had the screen issue with the v1 wallet. My problem is my inability to download the v2 Orbiter from github. I clicked the link but get a screen with a monkey on it. Any ideas on how to download the v2 Orbiter wallet? Thanks!

Do you have Antivirus running? If so, disable before download, then leave disabled during install, then whitelist the wallet folder in the AV software, then enable your AV again.

Ok, will do. Appreciate it.

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