Wallet v8 error

Hi Team

After the token migration, the tokens were in Wallet v0.0.8 and i used to open it every now and than. However i tried to open it few weeks ago and it wont open and is showing a network fetch error.

Dont know whats going on.

Any ideas what could have gone wrong ?

V8 was old coin. It never showed actual new blockchain SFT/SFX balance. The migration table simply populated from the database related to migration.

You should’ve been using Orbiter wallet since April 2019, until the December hardfork when the marketplace code went live and the Orbiter stopped syncing past the hardfork block.

Since then, you should’ve been using the cli, if competent to use it, or awaiting the TWM wallet, which has been published as a prerelease for windows several days ago. The Linux and Mac versions are expected soon as well.

Hi mate, thanks for your reply.

i have attached the wallet i was on, since i migrated to safex blockchain.

i did do a backup for keys etc.

will i be able to restore it on a newer wallet ?


Assuming you allowed the migration wallet to create your new Safex blockchain address (address begins with Safex…) then a forced popup to save a .txt file containing your new address and keys would have occurred during the migration steps.

You need those keys to do the restore in any of the new blockchain wallets.

Cheers for the info.

looks like i have the safex address.

can only find out if it works on the next wallet.

Like… this one??

Same here thanks

cheers bro

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Hi Mate

I was trying to restore my old wallet where the new safex token and cash are sitting.

Are there any instructions to follow ?

I’m trying the twm 1.0.0 wallet.

i have managed to get in the TWM with the SAFEX Cash and SAFEX Token address
However i cant see my tokens displayed there yet.

is there any trick to this ?

thanks for your help.

The trick is patience. It will look to be synced, but is still working in the background. Walk away for an hour while it syncs.