1 Click Miner blank screen... can anyone help?

Hi all… I just need some help with the one click miner, it wont install correctly.
I am only getting a blank screen or background after installing it. It opens but thats all I get.
I have tried running as admin and also in compatabilty mode but get the same result.
I am running Windows 10 latest and all up to date including Nvidia geforce drivers etc
My laptop is a HP Omen with a i7-7700hq with a GTX 1070.
Thanks for any help

Did you download and install with antivirus enabled?

My recommendation… uninstall it… disable AV, download and install, whitelist the program, then reenable AV.

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Thank you!! I had Malwarebytes running in the background but not showing popups… I exited it and the miner has installed successfully.
Thanks for your input!!


You also spoke about your graphics card… You know, that Onc Click Miner is CPU only?

It’s a great program, but if you intend to use your graphics card aswell for mining, you should look into xmr-stak or similar software…

the pools have download links and explanation for setting it up under “getting started” - and don’t forget, that it’s a mining program aswell and will probably also get a false positive from your antivirus

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We have plans to release a 1 Click GPU miner app in the future. Unfortunately it’s not as straight-forward as the CPU miner application.

But yeah. It’s a good idea and we will follow up with it at some point.

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