1 click miner: If I have rate of 45 H/s, how long do I have to mine for 1 Safex?

1 click miner: If I have rate of 45H/s, how long do I have to mine for 1 Safex?

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You’re actually mining for Safex Cash.

Mining is probabilistic, and if you mine in a pool, you generally get rewarded proportionally for the amount of work you did in the found block.

Since many miners and pools compete for blocks, you cannot say for certain when you will be rewarded, or by how much, however it averages out statistically.

Based on my total submitted hashes, I received 1 Safex Cash per roughly 3 million hashes


So you’d mine for about 185 hours. Again, that is just an estimate. You could be lucky and get rewarded after 5 minutes.


There is a estimator on this page. Enter your hash rate and it will give you approx coin per day


Are you sure? 22 million hashes has not yielded a full coin. Should that 3 million hashes rather be 30 million hashes and 30 million would roughly be what I am experiencing


You’re right, I’ve been up all night and am in no state to handle 8 digit numbers…


Aaa cool, thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


Yes, @Rob your estimate is what I am seeing based on my mining activity at 100% CPU for about 84 hours+ (screen shot below):

But I hope my efforts benefit all of us in the long run, and I think the 1-Click Miner app, the new Safex Wallet V0.0.7, and all that Dan Dabek, Balkaneum, Rich.Bate and others are doing is real good stuff that adds so much credibility to this project :muscle:

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Just a note for anyone who is interested in how the pools work - with all the Safex Cash pools it will take at least 2 hour (if the pool is regularly finding blocks) until any Safex Cash is allocated to you (shown in the Pending Balance section).

This is because it takes a depth of 60 blocks (60 x 120 seconds = 2 hours) for a “found” block to be unlocked. Once unlocked, the funds can be split between the miners based on how much effort they put in to find that particular block.

So to start with it might seem that you’re not making any progress - but due to the nature of how mined blocks are unlocked, it’s simply a case of waiting.


Hi @Rich.bate,

As a 1-Click miner, would I need to update any Settings and supply my IP address for Verification Purposes and also set a Minimum Payout Level?

Is the minimum payout level of 2 Safex Cash what I should expect since my overall mining contribution is low?

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The default min.withdrawal for any miner is 2 Safex Cash. This is a balance between making it easy for lower-spec miners to get payouts, and not spamming the network when higher-spec miners join in.

You would only need to put in your IP address if you wanted to raise that minimum payout. But for lower-spec miners i suspect they’ll want paying as soon as they can.


Thanks Rich!

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