#1 Safe Exchange Dev Update April 16, 2016

User Interfaces: Welcoming our new team member
First item in order I want to extend a great welcome to our new team member: Max. He has brilliantly begun to workout the application logic and user interface of the Exchange. We had started this Monday, and already rocking and rolling indeed. It is a great pleasure to work him, and his enthusiasm for our project is laudable.

So far he’s taken to implementing from the moqups.com I had drawn, and HUGE thanks to moqups for the Open Source account they gave to us.

Here’s a nice screenshot for now showing some of where we’re at (just a glimpse of what behind that collapsed menu):

Glad to report that Max is an expert of Node, and front-end frameworks and is working Full-time with us for at least the next 3 months.

Yes, that’s a “new coin” button for your crowdsale needs.

Safex Development
The safex library is beginning to take shape where we are beginning to define completely the crypto system that will embody the Items, Coins, and Media. It entails a validation system that will be straightforward for our application to discern between fraudulent coins and intended legitimate coins over SAFE Network. As well as any items that are defined. I’m glad to report that it is valid our approach in using the Structured Data for hosting these cryptographic payloads.

This week I dove into getting a multisig system so we can fund and then Sign vote away those funds. However, this would only be possible if we were a group of 20 at the most. This is the limitation with Bitcoin, where if we extended the transaction beyond the 20 addresses we would overflow the DoS protection system that nodes on the Bitcoin network employ. So virtually no way is it possible for us to implement this system exactly how we envisioned using Bitcoin.

Never fear. SAFE Network Structured Data permits up 100 kB of content, which means we can store thousands of addresses at a single Structured Data space. And also if we need to include more owners we can link Structured Data sets in such a way to accommodate further participants in a multi signature authorization.

Looking forward
In the weeks ahead, We will be finalizing the UI, implementing the application logic. Then we will bridge that with the safex library using an intermediary library that will host all Rust based logic between SAFE Network and the application.

SAFE Network <-> SAFEX <-> App Bridge <-> Exchange UI

It is extraordinarily refreshing how our progress is going, and the invention we are making.

Huge thanks to @frabrunelle as well for converting the forum to http://forum.safex.org and also sharing his experience with the Javascript frameworks that I’m sure Max can appreciate as it made it very straight forward for me to get everything up to speed.



step by step the era of the creative is rising



Its a big pleasure to become a part of this community, the project looks really amazing and I believe will blow the world up. I loved the idea of SAFE very much as it complies with my own vision perfectly. Furthermore I’d like to mention attitude of the crowd in here, it’s awesomely positive and motivated… and motivating!

And thanks for the kind words, I’ll be doing my best and even more to keep up the the roll we do! :slight_smile:


Welcome Max! Thank you and keep up the good sick satanic work you are doing. :wink:


Glad to hear someone has come on board to help dally! Great update can’t wait to hear of more functionality and see more UI! Keep up the great work guys


This is AWESOME!!! :blush:

I keep trying to click the “new coin” button on the image… hopefully beta test soon.

This is how I feel right now, haha!