$10k Safex Giveaway currently on Twitter

For those of you already on twitter, you’ll have most likely already seen this. But for those not on Twitter, this may be the best reason yet to open an account and help spread the word…


The rules are pretty straight forward! There in black & white!

  1. Follow @safex_abe @officialdabek @aharonbernal @SafexMarket @SafexNinja
  2. Like,retweet and quote tweet with #paidwithsafex #crypto
  3. reply to this tweet with Safex address #Crypo #Giveaway

Only three rules! Looking forward to the draw!
When will that be?

After 1000 RTs, which was posted in a subsequent tweet

So it was never sincere in the first place and the ‘rule’ was added to insure that. Sad that our Safex clan are misled like this. Shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

I think it is absolutely sincere. These types of giveaways almost always have a minimum RT qualification, so I have no problem with it. It’s up to the community to spread the word (and the tweet) so we can reach the 1000 RTs.

Somewhat agree with @Karen , this is not acceptable behaviour within the community. Promoting is great but misleading is bad.

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I agree with TomDillon… this does not serve our cause/Safex in any way.
In no way is it authorised by those above, but it is also a joke unbecoming of the investment many have made!
And further more, what of those who find for the first time Safex through tweets/offers like this??
Brand management is dropping the ball here!

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In the absence of an edit button for Twitter, once the tweet went out without that Drawing condition, what do you suggest he could’ve done, save for doing the follow up tweet? :man_shrugging:

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@aussiesloth @Karen What’s done is done lets move on, after all @safex_abe was only trying to promote our little gem

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I got it and I still get it !

I knew the goal was to promote safex !
And it’s perfectly understandable and fair to set what needs to be reached !

And it is extremely kind to offer a great reward simply for participating !
Wow !
How much little effort and time does it take to participate ?
I am very grateful for the opportunity and wish I could do more to reach the goal !

Thankyou for telling me about it, and thanks to @safex_abe !

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True, I voiced my thoughts on an issue I felt needed some attention but please, do not lump me in with this shit. I raised an opposition to, or personal view of, competitions that lack due accountability! I don’t share your thoughts here mate! There’s honest debate and then there is wild out there theories.
I hope I am seen as being in the first category!