20% still left in bittrex

Over 418million left in bittrex

how can we get out hands on it?

Hahaha i wish. But they will be burnt and the dividend gets split between all.of us.

Its been in and out of maintenance so there are a lot of coins people have not had the chance to get them out.

Also not every is even aware yet that safex has been delisted. Some or many left their coins on bittrex using it as their wallet. This people are likely to be the majority of those coins.

Many also can only w/d 0.025btc worth per day. Others are at 3 BTC worth a day and some cannot withdraw until they prove their identity. Some will refuse to do that and those coins will end up lost.

They will have to be burnt is this correct Rob. They couldn’t keep them in any way

Why couldn’t they keep them? And sell them off as unclaimed goods.

Their T&Cs are clear

But I do feel they need to give an extension to the 14 days since the wallet was under maintenance for so long.

How could they sell something they delisted that would be a bit hypocritical


A shop decides to stop selling a certain item. They can still sell off the left over items.

Or a second hand shop that sells other people’s goods on commission and decides to stop doing that and in the T&Cs it says the items have to be removed within 3 weeks. After that the store owner can still sell those items to another 2nd hand shop even though he stopped.

I see your point but they delisted it because of the dividend. And would be illegal in US now how could they sell it.just curious

If that were the point the should reinstate it

They consider they should not be trading it. But disposing of it to earn money that earns taxes for uncle sam is OK.

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Hahahah ofcourse hahahah

I was able to withdrawal my coins but feel for those who are stuck due to maintenance. Hopefully Bittrex takes this into consideration and extends their withdrawal time frame.

Same here.

There is plenty of hope for this. Dan said in that interview on the 15th dec that other delisted coins have been able to be withdrawn well after the 15 days


In a second place; Bitshares was delisted in October, and it is still available for withdraw; however, I would still not delay in withdrawing from any exchange when possible.


People are making this a bigger deal than it is, they’re not going to steal your money.

Just check Bittrex often and withdraw when it’s available. One day is like 1 month in the crypto world, people have 0 patience.


The post was more about if it was left there what would happen to the shares. The extra 20% unclaimed shares would be distributed in a bonus of dividends to all holders?

No luck there. Bittrex would eventually sell them off as unclaimed stock and whomever bought them will be claiming the dividends.

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