23 Hours left for the 15% bonus

Just a friendly warning that there is about 23 hours left in the crowdsale until the bonus goes to 5%

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Hello All, Greetings from the frozen Colorado mountains. I just arrived and am going over everything now… I would like a hint as to the most important… l Would like some safecoin too! So I’m frantically trying to go over everything.

Here is a cool graphic I did for Cryptsy.

Was going to make one up for you I have an idea with them.

  • LeeTravis

Hi Travis,

Safe Exchange White Paper

not exactly on the market for logos and graphics but if you feel inspired I’m not going to stop you from making graphics. :wink:

I really enjoyed your hangout with Tim, and hope to see you around in the future.

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Phew, just made itin the nick of time acquiring my safecoin I had only 2 Hours left


Everyday more solutions are being formed people connect networks are being forged with every step the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING
for more info on Lobby Voice - http://lobbyvoice.com/
keep slayin+ @ddabek @LeeTravis


I’m hoping to have a working site by the end of January… you can connect with me @
Or through here, or email Lobbyvoice@gmail.com.
Also if you are a dev, or have any other skills that would be helpful, Especially how it will be utilizing safex contracts and are interested in the development of Lobbyvoice and want to participate, I need your help now. Thank you in advance. ~ Lee


Getting settled in and ready to code .FullTime. and hopefully I get settled in before the month is out. And expect we’ll get a chance to work together @LeeTravis

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