2FA or SQRL login

I wonder what the login process of SAFEx will be like.

Personally I rather see 2fA implemented from the start.

SQRL https://www.grc.com/sqrl/sqrl.htm
would also be a neat way to login


Wouldn’t login just use automatic login via your SAFE launcher and the keys stored when you join safex

It runs on your machine, there is no server to log into


We’ll be able to make aliases and password protect aliases, I think that’s a good thing to have; 2fa sounds good but it is dependent on your cell phone of google etc, I think we should support 2fa however we can for those who prefer to use that. Somestimes its easier to keep your phone handy than a password memorized.


i agree 2fa shld definitely be available


I agree bro that there is no server to log into, but if a keylogger hard/software is on your computer your already compromised and somebody can just steal your SEC etc.

[quote=“ddabek, post:3, topic:144”]
2fa sounds good but it is dependent on your cell phone of google etc
[/quote]Please let’s not let 2fa depend on Google. Google does WTF they want and don’t really give a FCK. SQRL would just be an elegant option, totally free & opensource, just like things should be on the SAFE Network.

Advantage of SQRL is you don’t need a username or password.

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I’ve come across these Opensource solutions

I forgot to add this:

LastPass Authenticator

Use It Everywhere You Use Google Authenticator, Too