2nd Mining Farm?

I just heard Safex will have its 2nd mining farm? Is it really happening?

If this mining thing turned out to be at fair price, I would like to get into mining considering I’m only a hodler for now.


Yes, it’s true :smiley: besides one in Serbia, this new mining farm will be based on US territory. Remote mining could be the best way for you to get involved in mining Safex cash;
Thus you don’t even have to be a miner but you can still mine SFX.


From what I can see on discord, US mining facility is still in its planning phase so we don’t have any details on cost of renting hash power. Probably cost will be similar if not the same as the one in Serbia, which is really a bargain. Smth like 250 euros for entire year mining sfx.


Mining Farm in Serbia has been cancelled and all plans to mine will be moved to a US facility. Dan announced in the Q&A last Sunday.