3 Reasons to Promote SAFEX Now: Bonus with the First Movers Program

I made this video to help the digital marketers out there as a guide why Safex is a good buy right now.

1. The Airdrop; whoever is graced with learning about Safex now versus 6 or 7 months ago benefits from a very short wait before the first Dividends are paid out to Token holders. The Airdrop will take place at the start of the blockchain launch. So that means within the month of August you can realize your first returns.

2. Exchange listings; currently we are trading Tradesatoshi.com and plaak.io just recently opened for business. That’s all there is; so the safex.io site for helping to onboard people into our network is a great way and easy way to convert bitcoins into Safex Tokens. When the Safex Blockchain launches officially we will then make the proper effort to get listed on other exchanges which could lead to a rise in price; so the advantage is obviously significant now.

3. Moving the needle; if you’re active on the internet and read or subscribe to any crypto publications or video producer; you can get in touch with them about the revelations of Safex. You can even make your own video or blog post on medium.com steemit.com as well as the plethora of other online publication portals to let the word out about Safex and its upcoming launch.

As an incentive we created the First Movers program which gets you 5% of any trade that takes place using your unique link. You can sign up for one here:

If you don’t want to use an affiliate link; you can just as easily refer someone to the safex.io homepage and on the navigation bar is a “Get Safex” link and such person can acquire Safex Tokens in the same way.

If you have some other ideas, feel free to share them in the thread :slight_smile:


Safex :gem:


Coin spot in Australia made it super easy for me to buy safex back In the day since the dramas exchanges delisted I couldn’t trade them anymore, I admit I didn’t think anything was going to proceed with safex exchange launch ect ect but dan stuck with it and kept things moving towards the bigger picture… now I just wish I brought more before safex get launched and listed everywhere I’ll like to go from rags to riches thanks to safex…
Onwards and upwards I’ll keep spreading the word
Safex for life


This sounds awesome!
Can’t wait for Safex Blockchain to launch :rocket:


First Movers affiliate program is great and it really works. Despite of a high commission those three reason explain why it is so important be be in the project now and not later. it is a great opportunity for everybody. Im so glad they come up to the idea of affiliate program. Who ever I ask about safex everybody has the feeling they take part in something big. So many things have been done so far…go safex!
Im witing for the new version of wallet now.