A few questions about migration

The video safexnews put up says to come here with questions so here I go…

Why does the Safex explorer here http://explore.safex.io/ say 39239 migrated tokens when the safextools site here https://tools.safexnews.net/ says 152,340,681 migrated tokens?

In the migration wallet, there’s two steps called “Setting your Safex address for migration”. We have to do first half and second half. What does that do exactly?

Also, elsewhere on this forum I read about a script that we need to run after all the steps are done to actually get our tokens. The tutorial video doesn’t mention anything about it. So is there such a script that I need and if so where do I find it?

Thank you


1) Difference between Safex News + Safex Explorer

The difference here is down to how the two systems calculate the migration process. The numbers on the Explorer are the TRUE amount of Safex Tokens currently on the blockchain (as in, distributed out).

The Safex News page is more for those who simply want to keep track of progress - how many Safex Coins have been burned and roughly how many Safex Cash it has generated etc.

The number for this is based on the total amount of Safex Cash burned on the old blockchain. Wheras the Explorer uses the figures directly off the blockchain. This is because there is a short delay between burning your Safex and it getting credited on your new Safex address. More on this later.

2) The two-step process

This question kind of relates to your third question, so i’ll combine.

The old Safex Blockchain (Bitcoin Blockchain) and the new Safex Blockchain (Cryptonight) are two completely different platforms and arent interopable (as in they can’t talk to each other).

To effectively communicate between the two chains, the developers have had to create some “middleware” which takes information from the old blockchain, and converts it into a way that the new blockchain will understand.

With regards to the steps - we need to some how let the NEW blockchain know what your previous address was, and how many Safe Exchange Coins you have burned.

This is done by embedding your NEW Safex address in a Bitcoin transaction, so the “middleware” software can monitor the burn address and get the relevant information.

Because the NEW Safex address is so long, and we’re limited to ~80 characters of embeddable information on the Bitcoin blockchain, the address has to be split into two. Hence the two transaction (both having half the address each).

The middleware/script, which is run by the Safex Developers team, then monitors the burn address, and finds your two transactions, as well as your third transaction (which is the actual burn of Safex Coins), combines the information, and then gives the team a batch of addresses that need Safex Cash and Safex Tokens depositing into it.

So from your side, all you need to do is go through the migration process set out in the video, and wait for the next batch of Safex Tokens/Cash to be deposited into your NEW address.


Thank you. This answers my questions and a lot more.

I’ll probably have more questions before I attempt to migrate but I already learned a lot.

Thank you.


thx for clearing things up


Thanks for asking the Q. I had the same Q (1) and didn’t ask. For me its confusing at the moment because I haven’t had time to sit down and study the whole process, so I wont migrate until maybe next year. Also at the moment I have an asset; if I migrate I would have a pending asset.