A few Wallet questions

  1. I have wallet version 0.02. Is there any real need for me to upgrade to 0.03?

  2. Is there any way to just hit “update” somewhere in the wallet? That would be a very nice feature.

  3. I’m going to be moving my safex off bittrex due to the delisting. Someone mentioned that bittrex is having trouble doing this right now. Can anyone confirm? I don’t want to lose my safex coins.

The only problem I’ve seen with Bittrex right now, is that sometimes when you’re on the “Wallets” screen and try to move coins (click that minus button), nothing pops up. If you go into the BTC-SAFEX screen though, and then click on the “Wallet” there, you can move the coins from there.

Bittrex Sucks they have my funds as well as thousands of other people . They also do not respond to tickets from their customers!

Thank you for the reply. I am a pretty big newb to all of this. They say as long as you control your private keys, you’re good and you won’t lose your money.

So once I transfer my safex to my wallet, how exactly do I see my private keys? Is it simply the big long string of characters that comes up when you hit the “Send” button?

Your private keys are stored in a wallet.dat file. If you click “export wallet” in the wallet application you can save those files (to back up, print out and bury somewhere, etc).

Thanks! That is very helpful.