A marketplace with no silly limits and restrictions - SAFEX

Hello community ,
Safex marketplace must be different than ebay & amazon .
First of all the marketplace must be limitless ,meaning sellers must be free to list as many products as they want at any price they want any time they want and NOT like ebay that allows usually the beginners with a maximum of 10 listings not to exceed the range of $500 - $1,000 in a specific period of time…
Secondly no restrictions , ebay doesn’t allow me to sell alcochol … not even a beer.
More time for feedback without been blocked just because some buyers are lazy to leave feedback …
Least but no last , the SAFEX biggest weapon E-COMMERCE and E-SERVICES . Safex must be the best place for them and as friendly as possible.
Moreover it would be nice to have our own market buying and selling crypto coins for money and money for crypto coins or any cryptocoin inside the safex marketplace and not in coinbase or binance etc.
All these are just my thoughts , please feel free to share anything.


The vision behind Safex project is to correct shortcomings of traditional platforms, like you previously mention, they have to become limitless and permisionless.
There are numerous examples of traditional platforms shutting down a merchant’s access to their own page with no previous warning. Also a ton of hidden extra fees on the retailer-side end up transferred to the consumer.
It’s important to think about benefits that blockchain-based ecommerce platforms offer to consumers and vendors. Every business has to focus on core deliverables, as it’s important to ensure long term viability and securing profits.
As we move forward, ecommerce needs to empower its users. We’re witnessing e-commerce revolution as it’s already happening. Safex promises to create cheaper simpler and more efficient e-commerce ecosystem; and it’s safe to say that Safex is set for success down the road


I think the limiting viewpoint is to consider Safex JUST as a marketplace. In reality, it’ll be so much more. The best likeness i’ve come across is “the Etherium of commerce” - that is, a blockchain with a set of protocols that any developer can use and leverage in their own product/service.

Of course, the Safex Marketplace will be the “poster child” of the entire blockchain - an example of what can be accomplished with the tools given to the community. However, it has the potential to be much more than that.

In line with what you said, the platform is open for anyone to use in whatever way they feel fit. Of course, there will be tools to help format this in a nice and consistent way.

Let’s say i was a muffin seller in New York. I could create an app, which utilizes the Safex Blockchain and uses a number of blockchain functions, like arbitration, direct payments, geo-limitation etc (i might want to only sell to people within New York for example).

I could create an app which uses all of the above, yet never once enter the “marketplace” we’re all thinking of. Yet it still contributes to the network as it uses the functions and pays towards the dividends pool.

The only limitation here is our imagination - just remember, it doesn’t stop at the marketplace - the market place is just the beginning.


that’s great Rich, exactly the evolution must never stop .You guys have the opportunity to make a better world !!! but please don’t use the silly rules of ebay,amazon etc. . Give freedom , safety and innovations to the public.


Right on point with this statement. It’s important to do things differently from Amazon and rest of the bunch. Incorporating Safex Cash into ecommerce using blockchain is the answer.


Imagine other online businesses building upon Safex. :heart_eyes: Like @Rich.bate says it’s the Ethereum of commerce.


I would like to know how safex proposes to be interopperable between different blockchains , at the moment the crypto space is likened to how the situation was before the internet we had Local Area Networks or ( LANs ) it was only when Wide Area Networks or ( WANs ) were created that those local networks were connected up to enable the magic of internet protocols we have today like tcp/ip etc , Similarly Blockchains today are working within their own Silos and do not communicate with each other , The beauty of Amazon or Ebay is that they all operate on TCP/IP protocol that enables cross network communication. So Amazon has access to not just ONE community but ALL communities. If Safex opperates only in its own silo then it only has one model which is to become the defacto blockchain to rule them all ! Thats a tall task but not impossible however with the host of different blockchains not being able to communicate with Safex it puts the project especially its reach at a possible disadvantage. i believe there will be fundamental alliances or consortium to enable a blockchain standard between safex and the most popular cryptos , so you could see a day that you can use Tron , XRP , Cardano alongside Safex Tokens on the marketplace !

You could prehaps convert your Tron for instance within the exchange back to the default Safex Token just as you sell your cryptos back to BTC on Exchanges today ! Interopperability opens up the whole world of liquidity not just from Safex holders but for everyone interested in buying selling on the Safex Marketplace who hold different tokens outside the safex ecosystem !


building interoperability into the protocol is brilliant idea but I think it has to wait, let them focus first on getting marketplace functional


Thanks Sambit , I know those who would love to dox me or ban me in discord are probably biting their fingernails in rage that im able to add value through posting constructive thoughts , who needs discord :slight_smile:


Sincerely, on the point of interoperability. It depends what do we want in that regard:

We launched Safex Cash since it is an amazing approach (imo) to currency distribution, unlike all other proof of work currencies released so far.

Bitcoin had to released in the way that it did because Satoshi wanted to entice miners to get in on the lion’s share of the currency. Times have changed, and people these days don’t want the short end of the stick.

In the beginning yes, you need support. But cryptocurrency advantages are becoming well understood so we must be considerate for the people of the future.

Be nice everyone :slight_smile: we’re a decentralized project, and let’s all agree on one thing. Crypto has changed the world for us and many, and Safex is the shot on goal that I feel is changing everything in the sense that it focuses on the aspects that many have forgotten.


With you on this thankyou for responding to the interopperability question, Safex certainly is a paradigm shift i look at Safex actually as blockchain 3.0

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