About the fork in chille coin

Bitcoins a bit of a work horse at the moment… but as crypto technologoes develop i would imagine that the bitcoin platform would become more or less obsolete.

The chille blockchain will be a fork on the bitcoin platform, but can that fork one day down the line (who knows when) be transferred across and implemented on another platform entirely?

One of the things which i like about this project is its adaptability… like the current blockchains now will likely move out of sight in the future as more innovative cryptos arise. This project, it seems anyways like the framework of safex can be built, in the beginning using the chille coin on the bitcoin platform… which is fine technology at the moment, but with scalability issues and things like quantum computers on the horizon, it may become obsolete one day.

So when its needed in the future do you think chille could jump ship to another platform in the future? I dont see why it wouldnt be able to… but im no programmer, anyone who has more knowledge in this field have any insights? Just curious about what the actual process of this might be

No fork.

Its an entirely new blockchain.

Like ETH was not a fork of bitcoin neither is the new blockchain Dan is building

Oh yeah your right it is… Im sick in bed and got confused! I guess when the time comes when they need to upgrade the blockchain they could just phase out the original and introduce the updated.

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I’m getting a bit of deja-vu from this conversation… :stuck_out_tongue:

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