@dandabek - Something you might not have thought about:

recent survey by the Accessibility Foundation showed that accessibility for blind people and visually impaired people are below any standard in most of the web shops on the internet. The poor accessibility affects approximately 20,000,000 people within the European Union. In early 2016 this topic was already addressed to many of the very large web shops, of which Amazon and Alibaba were among them. A positive exception was Ebay!
2016 United Nations treaties state blind- and visually impaired people are to be assisted in such ways they can participate in society equally as people with 20/20 eyesight, meaning accessibility for such restricted people should be addressed by web shops.

Although webs shops are responsible for such accessibility themselves and web shops aren’t directly a concern for the blockchain design, it would maybe be an idea for the Balkaneum team to (start thinking about and) also implement features on blockchain level for blind- and visually impaired people. It is inevitable that in the near future this will be addressed, implemented and become mandatory under ‘basic human right’ laws and this is where the Safex marketplace could standout and already jump in early and make this possible for such people.

Just an idea…


Safex could only benefit from making Safex marketplace accessible to members of all abilities. If they make marketplace disability inclusive, it will help them increase brand awareness.