Addressing Price of Safex on the Website


I am posting this topic to address the couple of people and so that any edge cases in the future can refer to this post as well. The price to acquire Safex on the website is 1124 satoshi at this time.

There are 3 reasons for that

  1. There is no where to acquire safex in the quantities necessary to operate this kind of service; therefore no existing exchanges (small and not fully developed) can be considered when pricing.

  2. Safex has already reached prices much higher than 1124 satoshi (1500 satoshi in fact) therefore; the price is already 30% discounted from where it could be trading.

  3. This service is there for convenience to those who genuinely want to support the project, when I reopened the application on the website was due to popular demand regardless of the price. Only so few people have a complaint and those who have their own opinion this text is also for you to see our side.

Prices are what people agree to pay, if you agree to pay the price offered on the website that’s it. If coinmarketcap was to use our data for the calculation of the price, then it would certainly print much higher than shown right now. If you feel that the price is too high then it is your opinion and you should go forward and check where else you can go to find a different price. No one is or ever was obligated to buy Safex from us. You are more than welcome to find other avenues to acquire the coins.

Our company has its own view of the value of Safex. if you see the vision of what we see and where we are going this should be obvious; if I bought bitcoins for 10 cents from someone when there were no exchanges but mt gox had it for 3 cents, and then everyone lost their coins on mtgox… but omg the price… and now its at 100$ was it a good move?


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