‘Advanced’ section to be added to future Wallet release?


Has any consideration been given to providing a cli console within the GUI wallet in a future release, to allow users to access the full array of cli wallet commands?

Maybe within the Settings area, an Advanced button or simply have it say CLI Console, and if we type ‘help’ it provides a list of all available cli commands that can be accessed within the GUI Wallet.


Great idea

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which features from CLI do you wish to have in the GUI?

we are no longer using the 1:1 cli inherited from monero with the golang stuff we built.

Yesterday in the Discord chat, there was talk about being able to see the various note sizes in the wallet…

Specifically “unspent_token_outputs” and “unspent_cash_outputs”

While I went into cli and did it, it occurred to me that others may want a more convenient way to access them. (And maybe others, although most others are incorporated into the various aspects of the wallet already)

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As a Linux User i also love to see Terminals everywhere. Au setting where the commandline is enabeled to run custem commads would be great. Eben greater of everything you Do in the gui would also run via that commandline (gives it Output to it)- and since you normaly get betr error messages on commandlines than on GUI it actually might bei helpfull to trace down bugs…