Hey guys I have a mate who makes stickers can i get some made up of safex and its logo? @Rob @RIddla187


I’m the wrong person to ask permission from.

Or did you ask if its a good idea?

Haha both it won’t cost anything

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Sounds like a good idea, I think the person to ask would be dan. I support your idea

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Yes i agree but i think he is very busy probaly would be the last thing on his mind right now

I’ll wear a shirt, and in the future I’ll get one made… safex millionaire club :slight_smile:

Did u see the pic haha

I’m only 100k club hahaha.

I don’t see the harm,

Personally I think any form of advertising is great. You could have stickers done and stick them on lampposts or billboards around your area spread them around to friends and such it would be complimented by that safex t-shirt you can wear whilst you distribute them. Spreading the word can only be a positive thing, I like it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jesus I might need permission. Might contact @dandabek

I don’t see why you need permission it’s a means of advertising locally, as long as you don’t decide you want to try and profit off of such act then I don’t see the issue. Contact him regarding it anyway as that’s the right thing to do, if I was Dan I’d welcome all efforts to spread the word.

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