Air drop - when

Hi Guys,
can any one tell me when the Air drop is about to happen as i have not seen any up dates lately. Also do we only to have the tokens in the Safex Wallet.
Regards Joe.

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Hi mate, according to the video posted 2 days ago it will start in a month and it will be happening continuously for about a year. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Yup this is correct and yes the tokens will airdrop when you transfer off Omni to safex and the tokens locked in you will receive airdrop Safex cash as well as dividends (should be daily in Safex cash for any Safex token locked in wallet).

What version wallet do we need? I have a old version 32bit wallet as that’s all I could of downloaded to suit my computer


a new version will be published that includes the migration system


Daniel. I AM here since the ico. I AM Glad you kept the project despiste ALL problems on the way. I know It was not easy. Congrats. Wish good luck for the team and long Live for safex.


congrats to you too @capivarao and thank you for your patience; we made it; this is it; You’re the witness man!


wow! this is inspiring! wish more people were like you


Hi Dan,
i still have my Safex Coins in the omni cold storage wallet, since the original ICO . Should I move them to a new Safex wallet now or is there plenty of time. Thank you so much for all you have done in term of the on going development of Safex, you really have been an inspiration for us all.
Regards Joe.


No need to move your coins just yet. Wait for new wallet release and move them then. After that you will swap them to new blockchain and receive an airdrop of Safex Cash. Everything done within new wallet. And you will have a whole one year time to do that. No rush


According to some videos, airdrop will start at the end of the August or beginning of September. What is even better is we will have a whole year to do migration of our tokens. :star2::chart_with_upwards_trend:

PS: Even though I know it is not urgent to migrate coins, I will be one of the first to see Safex cash in the wallet. I just can’t wait! :sunglasses::beach_umbrella:


Same here soon as it can be done I’ll be changing over to can’t wait exciting days ahead for safex