All purchases generate NFT's

I propose everything sold in the marketplace generates an NFT version of it that is received by the buyer. I understand the receipt aspect, tokenizing everything and turning it into a digital market seems like an inevitable future.

@Edwin that could potentially be lucrative for some. Jack Dorsey has been offered $2,500,000 to date for what I believe is an NFT of the first ever tweet. I recently read that a JPEG sold for $69,000,000 and an NFT of former president Donald Trump sold for $6,600,000.

Talented people stand to make a lot of money with the advent of the internet and blockchain. YouTubers, TikTok users, NFT, etc have enabled people to earn in a day what some people don’t earn their entire life. We’re kind of witnessing an explosion of turning ideas into fortunes for many that have been enabled by technology.

We may see this type of interest with emerging ecommerce platforms such as Safex TWM. Already there were included some nice features in the upcoming release of the 1st version. Once that becomes established, adoption may lead to many more inclusive features in future iterations.


Existence of NFT stands on the feeling that digital signature says you posses something while in reality everybody posses it too. Its not useful and therefore it will fade out very soon. Maybe it will stay, but It will only be exercised between masturbating billionairs. Anybody who earns his bucks with sweat will not buy common air.
I think NFT can be cool if you combine it with physical art and it will serve as kind of certificate. But these 5 minut generated art and tweets that has no value will fade very quickly

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what exactly should the NFT of the purchased listing represent?
The idea of having the receipt as an NFT is an interesting idea, would that be beneficial? We would need to think about the storage of the underlying file (not on the Safex blockchain) and the security of it. Only the buyer should be able to view it, depending on what data is included in the NFT.


This is Houston, we are at T minus 20h before lift-off !!
Apollo Safex with it’s crew is ready !
It’s goal, to reach the moon !

Houston here, we have an NFT alert showing on our screens !
I repeat at T minus 19h an NFT alert showed up on our screen !
We have yet to determine the reason for the alert or what the heck is an NFT !
We will continue countdown as we assess the situation and potential risk to the mission !
Houston out.


Yea, in the marketplace, when you sell art, it generates a receipt which is like an NFT in some way. All I’m saying is everything you buy in the world marketplace gets converted into a digital NFT as well. Definitely art, bags… etc.

Decentraland got added to Grayscales trust. I’m sure we are headed towards virtual shopping spaces. If safex converts products to NFT’s then they can embed into that VR world easily. Lots of virtual NFT art galleries happening already.

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We can start with art. An option on the GUI to convert your pics to an NFT.

Doesn’t have to be on chain for now. Most NFT’s are off chain I believe.

When you sell your work of art on TWM, then buyer gets an NFT as well. So they get physical and digital copies.

I see a lot of VR development worlds, where if you have a space, you can put your art NFT for show.

This will have good network effects for artists. You can show digital art to a lot more people than physical art.

You can add royalties to NFT’s the way nifty does, where the artists gets 5-10% of whatever the NFT gets sold for in the secondary market; forever.

NFT’s can create a base for a virtual private decentralized market.

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Why is Edwin not on the team?

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Edwin , thanks for the help.


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That’s what I was thinking too Edwin!

There’s a boon taking place in DeFi projects as crypto is generating greater acceptance and inclusivity.

While I’m not sure if SFT and SFX have a place within the DeFi space, I expect that TWM won’t be the only decentralized marketplace out there. In addition, it is unclear at this time what the diversity will be among buyers and sellers, but it seems, at least from what I’ve seen in this forum and on Twitter, that interest in the Safex marketplace includes the likes of artists and folks with specialized talents.

The Safex TWM may become successful as a niche marketplace. That’s an important segment of ecommerce. Though however it is seen and ultimately unfolds in the long term, at a minimum, adoption will require buyers and sellers interacting in a confident, honest and reliable way.

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If I could code I would happily do all of this for free. Unfortunately I’m very useless in that aspect.

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