All questions answered in this FAQ

The forum has been bombarded with panick due to misinformation. Please read the FAQ’s below before asking questions on the forum.


Thanks for posting this, hopefully those with questions or who are stuck for whatever reason see this before they get the urge to post a thread asking the same question which they could have found the answer to just by reading.

Any way we can pin this to the top of the forum? I haven’t had time to go through it yet but if it is accurate this would be great to have this sitting at the top of the thread list. Thanks for the effort!

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In what way is this related to the thread? Did you even read the subject line?

Where is the dev team with any sort of update for the recent events. Now I’m getting ticked. money lost that I invested is one thing but stuck funds due to other ppl is another.

All questions answers. were else woud u like this?

I dont think you understand what an FAQ is. Anyway i’ll leave it to avoid babbling this thread into obscurity.