An Open Letter To Dan About The Grim State Of The Safex Discord

Dear Dan,

To invest in something profitably requires accurate information. The only source of timely information for Safex is the Discord channel. That means informed investment in Safex demands membership of the discord channel. Yet the discord channel is now subject to something approaching mob rule.

I’m told that recently two members made an accusation about another member. They were perma banned, thus jeopardising the only team who were making regular Youtube videos on Safex. Before that a younger member made a joke about the same member which some thought was inappropriate. Henry effectively got perma banned by a mod who was willing to lie to the community about the decision and about the other mods’ involvement to enforce his way. The mod involved even admitted taking decisions with certain ‘senior members’ wishes in mind. All this can be seen from the chat. Clearly factions are forming…

Why is this important? Because as you, and those who understand a decentralised anonymous platform will understand, absolute trust and the systems we create based on that principle are the only security we have. Unlike in the corporate world there will be no law to help us. There will only be honesty and reputation. We need to get it right at the beginning.

And as we approach a time when your appearances, and what you say, and how you phrase it will affect the market drastically, any hint of dishonesty by anyone within the team, at any point, will be picked up and analysed, potentially spiralling into ill will.

It seems recent events are being presented as some sort of victory for the will of the people in the Discord. It isn’t. It’s simply chaos. Or worse than chaos. And it’s happening because the discord is being pushed towards being run like it’s any other forum, like a woodworking or surfing or MMA posting board, rather than the focus point for information on a project which hopes to attract tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars of turnover.

For a project like this we need higher standards. If there’s a controversy among members it needs to be contained, rather than fuelled. Outrage needs to be minimised and disagreements are resolved, if possible, in a controlled space. After that, instead of stoking fires with authoritarian bans, the discussion needs to be directed back to calm discussion and positivity with the community encouraged to butt out, rather than shout from the sidelines. Flare ups and infractions are managed, not hammered. In short, absolute professionalism is maintained and, most importantly, there should be no place for a mod who reacts aggressively, and who seems to enjoy conflict rather that de-escalation.

Sadly, in what is essentially a power vacuum, cliques are being formed and the loudest voices are determining outcomes within the Safex community. Until things change many new arrivals will be discouraged and we’d be lucky to get a 20c party. Tech alone will not bring success. Until the market is up and running at a critical mass this is still about people and community too.

For my part I’ve spent time and energy talking to quite a few vendors who I hope would be able to bring significant sales to the platform. Crucially one of my closest university friends owns a growing, wholesaling, warehousing and retail chain for a product which is currently being licensed all over the US for medicinal and recreational use. After months of explaining, (whilst he expands furiously, snapping up licenses and premises all over the East coast), I’ve finally got him interested in blockchain, decentralisation and I’ve even got him curious about Safex. He knows that I’ve been invested for over a year, that I mentioned Safex in most of my Steemit radio shows, that I’m holding tokens for a number of people and have quietly brought as many people into Safex investment and the Discord as I could. He also knows that the community is made up of people who have four, five, sometimes six or even seven figure investments in Safex and that many of us, believing in your vision, took your advice and sold our alt coins for Safex. He’s impressed.

Sadly my persuasion, and my role as a conduit for information to all those I’ve introduced is in limbo now as my link to the Safex community and its news has been terminated.

A mod (yep that one again!) banned me when I suggested he relinquish his position. That’s seemingly how furious any challenge to his authority made him. Or perhaps he’s still angry that I called him out on his earlier dishonesty and tried to make the community aware. Remember Dan, people will behave very differently when talking to you as chief architect than they will when they’re being their true selves…

As we expand I hope you’ll consider whether this situation is really the best that the Safex community deserves. And as we inevitably transition to a bigger audience and the initial voices are joined by new ones, I hope you consider additional platforms for information exchange which won’t discourage the more professional world as it begins to arrive en masse.

Onwards and Upwards!


It would be great to form a “community guidelines” for everyone; personally I love to discuss on forums because information remains and people can find it later, and I can reference it years later.

However I’ve not been able to do many things since I have been knee deep in production;

It just seems that discord is easy to “ad hoc” get information flowing; a few sentences goes a long way in a chat room than on a forum. Although I do hope to change that and make use of our forum more thoroughly with helpful information; including some community guidelines, promotional guidelines as well.


Dan I’ve been holding safex for more then 12 months can I buy I pre set up miner off you pls pls pls like a plug and play I just have no idea about mining but if you need anything done mechanical I can do it with my eyes close

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Telegram - I don’t plan to give my telephone number to yet another company that comes under the surveillance umbrella. Also there is a reason that some projects are leaving telegram too.

Why isn’t this forum good enough? Maybe add a plugin to the forum to provide functionality needed.


@Rob, @nikflossus

Why isn’t this forum good enough? Maybe add a plugin to the forum to provide functionality needed.

I share your sentiments. I’ve enjoyed participating in this forum that at one time was the pulse of the community. While not lost, I have seen a drop off in meaningful discourse and support that made this forum stand out. The shift to Discord seems to function as a good platform for chatting and sharing opinions about things that may not always have to do with what’s in the best interest of Safex.

And thank you @dandabek and your staff for what you’ve accomplished and worked so hard on, in addition to continuing to support this community and this forum.


Why not employ someone, it would take the pressure off you, Dan. There are a few good guys on discord like Kenny for example, always straight to the point and seems to relate well. these guys are always on discord so perhaps they are available?


I 100% agree. Rather than an informative place to talk Safex, the discord get clogged with arguments and rivalry.

I feel the biggest issue is that it gets dominated by the agressors who in a lot of cases happen to be the people who have the most time on their hands!

Not sure what the solution is but a paid “community manager” could be worthwhile. Someone who manages all of Safex’s public presence including twitter etc.


simple guidelines pinned somewhere would suffice , and giving people a cooling off period with a 3 strike policy , right now the admins are just banning people indefinitely out of peer pressure from the safex mafia.

I was a victim of the Safex Mafia , and they pressured the Admin to get rid of me without any cooling off or review or even any strikes , just immediate perma ban


Discord has some very serious discussions along with alot of bantering

Implying there’s a safex mafia is very serious and wouldn’t agree. Yes a few heads stick out but seem harmless.


yes, this is not ok to ban people permanently the first time.

Something should be done about it.


When you are banned, can you read the posts on discord, or is that blocked too?

At least on this forum its possible to have public categories and private categories for forum members only.


Away from the work desk. Will inquire later. Something needs to be finalised


No you can’t read the post once banned

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Just get an invite off someone,
If excepted back you should follow the rules set out.
:hammer_pick: RULES :hammer_pick: By joining this Discord channel, you agree to the rules below. Anyone found breaking these rules will be kicked and/or banned.

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Hi Izmo.

You were banned for 14 days after the arguements you admited you caused. It wasnt unjustified.

If i remember rightly, you’ve been banned several times before, and you even banned yourself once when you was a mod back on the Slack channel.

But please. We cannot have any more drama like before. It got way out of hand.

The rules have always been in the #rules-and-information channel for everyone to see.


Thanks @Rich.bate,
I’m unaware of the situation, however, this guy seemed like he was desperate

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im not desperate and if we can stop using such language to describe me would go a long way ! , by the way not only have i been banned but i cannot even contact anyone individually on safex discord ive been banned from speaking to them outside discord main group, and TomDillon and Rich , yes i did relinquish the role of Mod back in the slack days only to keep the peace in the room as there were many people wrongfully accusing me about things and bringing the room into disrepute. I had to take the attention off me in order to keep the room in peace. So yes if i was so desperate i would of continued holding onto my mod position but i gave it up honorably . Sure i made some drama but really it was only blown out of proportion just recently but i apologised for that too.

The only other time i got soft banned was for sharing points , sorry i am a pretty passionate safex supporter and its kinda sad that only my errors are highlighted nobody actually cares enough to see the effort i have put in , from TA to discussion on technology and crypto i always try and peek peoples interest into discussion in a room is dead at the best of times and usually just full of just personal jokes and rude at that !

come on guys let me in i wont cause a drama !


I did not intend any offense

The word… Desperate. .evokes a mental picture of a state of torment, being without some thing you “feel” that you just cannot possibly …’be’…without.

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I’m sorry but it seems that you are incapable of objectivity regarding yourself. You have a documented history of drama creation. This fact does not make you a bad person though. It just means that you lack true self awareness. I suggest meditation. My opinion is that you should remain banned. There are always consequences for adults.