[ANN] n99 Seed sale coming soon

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we be on it http://n99.io/

seed sale coming very soon :sunglasses:


What are “seeds”?
They are transferable digital tokens used in n99’s marketplace.
What are “seeds” used for?
Used to “like” content. This is good for building reputation and popularity.
Used as “gifts” exchange for: signed books, CDs, special print shirts, etc.
Used as “tickets” for events: live broadcast, 1 on 1 interview, etc.
Seeds are distributed to the content makers of the n99 platform. When an artist puts a new piece of artwork using the platform a new seed is generated and awarded to that artist. As this artist makes their piece known to the world by making their artwork public, people can then cast their seeds to that artwork. If a certain threshold was to be reached with people awarding seeds to that artwork, then an additional seed will be generated and distributed by a faucet.
They are generated by two means, a successful put to the SAFE Network of unique content. And by a favorable contribution of seeds towards a piece of artwork. These mechanisms will grow the amount of seeds based on the contribution of artwork, and also it will distribute them in a way that is accessible to anyone even without a financial contribution.
There is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comedians film makers creators the era of the creative is rising



Imagine how, an artist will promote their interview, and receive seeds. Based on how many seeds they’ve earned, they can spend them on their tracks; furthering the reinforcement that they have been demanded by the community, and fans.



I like SEEDS :grinning:


There is a future in creating no more starving artists musicians authors comedians film makers creators the era of the creative is rising
#no more middle men



99% of artists share 23% of global revenue >>
1% share 77% of total artist revenue
source FT . 2013

From mid 2013 to mid 2014 42% INCREASE in use of streaming services >>DECREASE in album sales >> 14.9%
source SoundScan
$12.359 <
number of domestic [USA] streams for “WAKE UP” on Pandora
168 million
source Wired


I’m looking forward to posting my “creative content” on n99. I’m more interested in sharing my work. But tips are welcome. Does accepting tips count as FREE content?


I imagine that it would, because tips are voluntary


n99 users can reward / tip content which will still count a FREE content > aim of n99 is to reward the creative :sunny:


The best way to predict the future is to create it
n99 mindmap July 2k14
dirvine Maidsafe
" We also have a @we_advance Ant diagram / flow chart in the office by the coffee machine which is the busiest bit of wall anyone can see, so again pride of place.

Art and Engineering - who would have thought … well us really :wink:"

#step by step the era of the creative is rising


That drawing is EPIC. SO many things happening now that were drawn there.


“n99 is really going to revolutionize and give us the power but it is nothing but sheer brilliance!
I’m just so appreciative of someone like yourself who had the presence of mind to look out for the artist in a way that would benefit him truly” - James Evans aka Lo vision


" creativity is definitely on the rise you can only hold it back for so long! there is so much really cool undiscovered artists out there that are exceptional but for some reason don’t get acknowledged. Would defo be part of it - Creativity revolution RISING " Attactiks


In the wider environment the creative element has been reduced to a commodity with a lack of understanding of the creative process and it’s contribution to human development. Creative are either put on a pedestal or ignored according to the marketable value not of the work but their reputation. In order to gain reputation it is necessary to invest resources in satisfying gatekeeper requirements regarding content, style, presentation and exclusivity restricting entry to market to the few who possess the skills and resources to satisfy these constraints. Self-appointed arbitrators of quality and market requirements were necessary when the means of production and distribution were limited and costly. They are no longer necessary in a demand led environment within which scale is no longer a barrier to entry.

Current mass penetration social media sites are proprietary, server based, centralised systems within which users share their content naïvely. Certain operators have taken to manipulation of data flows and experimentation with influencing theories opening the door for corruption of their networks by external interested parties. The quantity of data being produced is growing exponentially leading to the requirement for more and more server space thus pushing up the costs of providing the service. Cloud storage has attempted to solve this problem, it is however insecure
The SAFEnetwork will offer an alternative paradigm based upon Open Value Network principles in which value is created by participation and resources generated distributed according to contribution. Giving creative’ direct access to their market and direct immediate recompense for consumption of their outputs.


“n99 would be epic Make it happen” Phantom Enigma

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ANTS #16
Brainstorming unique uses of SAFEnetwork / Safe exchange
Latest SAFEnetwork / Safe exchange / n99 developments

For anyone wanting to watch/listen https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c5482ut15112hq2tfqqdd5s4mbo
ANTS #15 meet up in various time zones
Sunday 17th April 19hrs GMT
Sunday 17th April 20hrs CEST
Sunday 17th April 13hrs MT
Sunday 17th April 12hrs PT
Sunday 17th April 15hrs ART



Man this is so dope!!! I wish I could see my music get more love we can make that happen in the future! Share it with the ones who are missing out on good music D. Knight


Huge S/O to @dallyshalla tonights ANTS was very inspiring
topics discussed Safe exchange Dev updates / n99 seed sale


Indeed very inspiring conversation. Thank you @we-advance

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Wow, so inspired. Awesome meet up as usual.

Calling all ants! If you love n99 like I do, please help to promote it by using these catch phrase (inspired by Tim and Daniel’s words). You can include these phrases at the beginning or end of your post. So please post, tweet, replay and share this phrases everywhere you go starting with n99because…

For example:

n99because… this is how we consume content on the SAFE Network.

Here is the list of others phrase you can use. Also, please feel free to edit and/or add to this list.

  • step by step the era of the creative is rising.

  • step by step the ants are coming.

  • the universe has our backs.

  • life is people people.

  • we are pledging our allegiance to each other and the people we want to interact with.

  • the world is changing and these are the greatest days to live in.

  • people can be their own stages.

  • from birth we inherit the earth and we will not be encumbered.

  • humans require a decentralized database of our lives where we are in control.

  • it releases the shackles of many people.

  • it is time to make the machines our tools rather than us tools of the machine.

  • nature is decentralized and a great teacher.

  • our time has come.

  • the future forgets our time is now.

  • it is the right solution for the right time.

  • it is unleashing human potential.

  • it is the caterpillar to the butterfly, one does not recognize the other.

Thank you! :slight_smile: