Anyone else having mining problems?

I’m posting this here because Discord is still down. Anyone else getting 0 HR using safex-rig mining to a local daemon? I was mining and found blocks within the last 8 hours, but all of a sudden it started saying “n/a” for the hash rate. It’s still generating a lot of errors around the block template, but not sure if that has anything to do with it because that’s been happening for days and it only just started reporting 0 HR.

I’m mining from the node.

I was getting that n/a on safex-rig the other day, so changed over to mining from the node.

mining directly from the node or are you using safex-rig?

Directly… start_mining

(Edit in previous, also)

same thing is happening for me using start_mining from the daemon. I tried rebooting my system but there are a few other things I can try.

If the error triggers, it stays that way until the next block… sometime you get it in sequential blocks… but it does come good and let you mine.

When it happens to the pool nodes, that’s when we get a significant drop in hashrate vs difficulty, and ~longer block discovery waiting.

ok, good to know. it might have happened before and I just didn’t notice. I just deleted my p2pstate.bin file and restarted the daemon and it seems to be resolved for now. so maybe you could try that if you want to see if it resolves your safex-rig issue. Thanks!

makes me wonder if it has something to do with being connected to a bad peer since deleting p2pstate.bin seemed to get rid of it, and I assume that file contains state information about which peers the daemon is connected with.


We should get this bug patched as soon as possible. We will be looking into it from tomorrow.