Appreciation for Safex Tutor

I was inspired by the tweet below to seek out the Safex Knowledge Base:

This purchase was in the ballpark of $1100.00 US dollars, or 100000 $SFX. This is not an inexpensive purchase, and yet with TWM every purchase you make comes with the equivalent of a rebate simply by staking $SFT. But not just on your future purchases, but everyone elses as well. That’s when I had a question in my mind regarding how SFX is actually Redeemed. I found the answer I was looking for from Safex Tutor FAQ section:

You can access these articles from the Safex Blog, but the Safex Tutor additionally provides a helpful Table-Of-Contents that makes accessing the knowledge base much easier.

One suggestion would be to add a search routine as this knowledge base grows, that’s if it’s possible and practical.