Are members currently getting email notifications?

Just looking for confirmation of whether forum members are currently getting email notifications for posts and PMs (if you have it setup to get notifications, obviously)

I’ve personally had none in this last week of forum activity, and I’ve had a pile of PM messages that I didn’t get notices for either, even though my settings dictate I should be.

Just trying to narrow down if it’s an issue just with me, or is also affecting the wider community.

I also added an alternate email address, but even after manually trigger a resend of the email confirmation message, no email has arrived.

Just looking for feedback from others here. TIA.

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Gonna ping @shazbot as a test

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I received the notification on the top right hand side of my screen.

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Yeah, I get them, but the emails have stopped. So just seeing if it’s only my email, or others aren’t getting emails, when they used to.

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I changed my email yesterday, but I did not receive the confirmation email so I can’t verify it.
I just clicked to have it sent again, but it’s probably not working ?


I have just noticed that my confirmation email was sent to my spam folder !

My email is now updated !

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