Artwork for SEC submissions and ideas

This is a 300dpi 6inx6in graphic of SEC sails. I am looking at different ideas for T-shirts. I personally like the idea of creating quality heat transfers that can be used on any shirt. I sent this design to which carries a large variety of heat transfer media. I am going to buy a sample pack from them and will photograph them to get the communities feedback. Heat transfers should be far less expensive than preprinting dozens of Tees. Plus you might rather have the design on a hoodie or jacket. I do not have the price points of the heat transfers yet, I expect I will have that within the next week.

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Seeing that and your example with SAFEX in the big sale, I had a thought (maybe stupid) that might give you an idea

The thought was to have SAFEX in the white sale and something like you/me (buyer/seller) in the other two. The idea is to show that safex is the intermediary between to parties doing an exchange

And maybe words below or above saying SAFEX a safer way to exchange (or buy/sell or whatever)

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I will give it a try. :slightly_smiling:

@dallyshalla Would you prefer the X be smaller than the other letters? I’m about to get some samples made but would like to be clear on the design first.


or this?

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Definitely all uniform looks great (all big letters)

I like it the tiling is good with the tiling sails

OK. I will use the one with all big letters.

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These are high quality heat transfers from It cost $56 for 1dz just for the transfers. I learned after the purchase that a professional heat press is needed for these transfers (an ordinary household iron doesn’t get hot enough.) If you would like to have a t-shirt with this graphic let me know and I’ll find somebody locally with a heat press and I will get them made. I expect a good t-shirt will cost around $5 unless purchased in large quantities. If you were to get one would you prefer a white t-shirt, black t-shirt or grey t-shirt?

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Awesome, @optictopic

I will buy lot, for name your price.

White black and grey for me,

2 of each if possible

Maybe there are some brands of t-shirts to choose from?

Also, any ideas on T-shirt company that can deliver us tees just like that, we just send them the image and they deliver us printed teeshirts?

Sure there are plenty of options for in-house printing. If you split the cost of the heat press with me on amazon I can print these at cost for you over the next year or up to 100 items. Instead of paying between $15 and $20 per t-shirt we could make them for about 1/2 that. The press is about $300 if I use I could get it for around $200. I will send you links to wholesale t-shirt suppliers. The range will be from $2 on up depending on the quality of the shirt. The best shirts have a bit of stretch to them. I will find the best options. Here is my wallet if you want to go in on the heat transfer machine with me. 1FmZCXQBrcC8SLhxvPausyTDyCHQoX5HKb

What size do you want your t-shirts in? For now I will buy them retail.

Sent 1.0 btc @optictopic

how about 5 sets 2 small, 2 medium, and 1 large

so 15 shirts total,
100% cotton, non synthetics of course.

let me know if anything else

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I’ll order the machine right away.

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Thanks very much for you help

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I have about a dozen of the old logo heat transfers shown above. Will mail one to anyone interested for 1000 SAFEX plus shipping and handling. @dandabek Is there an SVG of the new graphic available for printing?