Backup your TWM Wallet files to maintain access to old messages with merchants

For those of you who have already made purchases via TWM wallet…

You would’ve been presented with a Receipt screen immediately after purchase, and no doubt clicked the Print button to print your receipt into paper copy, for filing.

Additionally, when you made the purchase, it triggered the generation of a pgp key for the messaging instance to the merchant for that purchase.

Your .twm file is where the pgp key for the purchase/messaging instance gets saved.

Any actual messages between buyer and seller are RSA4096 encrypted and saved on the API server, not the blockchain.

So if you get a new PC, and restore from seed/keys, it will create a brand new .twm as part of that process, sync the blockchain, and all your transactions will appear, but because the .twm file is brand new, any old purchase messages won’t repopulate.

This isn’t really much of an issue - you have a receipt from the purchase, just like you get when you leave a normal store.

Keeping messages is more akin to recording your conversation in the store with the salesperson (and not really something I’ve ever done).

However, if you do indeed want to always have your messages available for perusal in your wallet, then you will need to backup the actual 3 wallet files (walletname, walletname.keys, walletname.twm) regularly, to ensure any new pgp keys are backed up for subsequent purchases/messages.

Then, if you move to a new PC or the wallet files get corrupted, then you’ll pull out your backed up wallet files, copy them to the PC, and open as per normal.