Balkaneum team increases ahead of Safex Blockchain Launch

Have you noticed the increase in staff at Balkaneum over the past few months? Although the team don’t have time to announce every single new member of staff, it’s certainly a huge contrast from the small start-up crew of 2017.

Really great to see so many new faces contributing their efforts towards truly revolutionary cryptocommerce platform.


I am betting on SAFEX having an active marketplace before bitcoin takes a turn in the next couple of years. I’ve been accumulating and would like to use my dividends for trading in the marketplace and other speculation. If this team pulls off what is written and this marketplace is active with their initial goals, this will probably be the place to park my money in the bear market. There is no other project I’ve heard of offering this type of opportunity. I am glad I heard about it when I did and I thank the battle weathered patience tested holders who might have sold off a chunk :wink: