Banned from Bittrex

Hello everybody,

Can anyone tell me if the rumours are right about SAFEX being banned from Bittrex currency exchange and why that is?
Tonight I saw on Bittrex that you can only sell SAFEX and that buying is not allowed?
I’d like to hear from you; thanks for your answers!

Kind regards,
Henk Weijerstrass

Basically the transactions for safex are larger in bytes than on average and so it became too expensive for the exchanges. I am paraphrasing here but that’s pretty much it

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It was delisted from Bittrex on 15th of December due to the American law regulations. Developers are actively looking for a new, truly decentralized exchanges eager to list SAFEX. Until it happens I advise you to withdraw your coins from Bittrex to SAFEX Wallet.

And honestly… Couldn’t you people at least TRY to read other posts in the forum, just in case the answer to your question is already provided?

This is only speculation. There has been no official statement why the SAFEX Bittrex ban happened. So saying that it was delisted because of the American Law regulations it’s not 100% correct.

There are 3 possibilites why the ban happened:

  1. Law Regulations (dividends which results SAFEX being listed as securities)
  2. Block size => huge transaction fees
  3. No working alpha, which can also be a reason for delisting

No this is not the reason. There are other omni-tokens that have not been delisted and all omni-tokens have the same fees

This is also wrong. The blockchain is the BTC blockchain. All omni-tokens use the BTC blockchain. This requirement is a practical one to ensure the coin is secure. Bittrex would never have listed safex or a number of other omni-coins if the omni-tokens had to have their own blockchain. For instance the MAID project is not ever going to have a blockchain and it is safely listed. Same for PDC.

Sorry, I meant “no wokring alpha”. It’s on their page.

Can you please give a link to that

I cannot find it and have never seen this requirement. Also other coins would have been delisted since they have no alpha.

Here is the list of reasons for delisting

  • Markets with less than 0.5 BTC (or equivalent) of average daily volume over a 7 day period and have been on Bittrex for 4 weeks or more.
  • Markets that consistency dip below the minimum volume requirement.
  • Markets with 0 daily volume.
  • Markets with low liquidity. Less that 15 BTC on the Buy side of the order book for Bitcoin markets.
  • Coins with no developer support or public developments.
  • Coins without working blockchains.
  • Coins which do not adhere to their target block times.
  • Coins with weak blockchain security. e.g. Low hash rates which can be exploited.
  • Coins which violate our policies.
  • Coins which have compliance issues.

So where is the requirement for alpha??

And seeing as safex is a omni-token, it uses the BTC blockchain. So not only has it an alpha it has a working blockchain which other coins Bittrex list use. The new coin being developed now is not even existing so it cannot be delisted can it.

Hello Daniel,

I am a bit surprised of your answer on my question about delisting SAFEX from Bittrex.
First of all I’m satisfied with how things are going with the price of SAFEX. So I’m not upset.
I also didn’t write on the forum to cause trouble and I don’t know what you mean with ‘my tone’.
I Just reread my initial comment and saw that I used the word ‘banned’; that should have been delisted. My appologies for using the wrong word!
I thought I had asked a polite question, I just wanted to know what was going on with the delisting story.
And as far as I know I’m always polite towards other people, certainly not desrespectful!
I hope I cleared the air a little…
A healthy New Year and kind regards,

Henk Weijerstrass

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