Beeen months and months still 0.7

What the hell ? migrated SAFEX to cash, Still no access to anything roughly 8 months later.

Safex Coin

Wed Nov 07 2018 16:11:51 GMT+1000 (E. Australia Standard Time)

Where and when will the new wallet be avail so I have access to my SAFEX Cash and my Safex tokens back ?

What the hell!? How about read the weekly updates and you’ll know there’s been a wallet for some time now. In fact, it’s been available that long that the updated wallet was released today.

Maybe do some research before crying about it, ffs.


Prior to this comment i was led to believe the wallet v1 would contain the cash and my safex. My query and concern is that the wallets available from home page are still in 0.07 status, leading me to believe threr’s is still a substantial wait to obtain the new wallet to pull funds back of the block ??

Have located wallet via GIT, it is beyond me why it is not avail from home page/site instead of forums

As @aussiesloth advised: visit the forum a bit more often. In the various updates it’s mentioned that the website will be renewed. Visiting the forum does magic to ones heart rate :wink:


I should have, guilty. just went to home page and seen no diff. now i got a drama importing wallet from DAT file lol. Wallet does not exist c:/ etc

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You can’t import the .dat file.

You need to grab your new Blockchain Safex address and private keys or mnemonics and import.

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An updated website is coming up this month. We’ve been thoroughly tone down building stuff. v8 is coming, we’ve hired more developers the past 2 months to now address user facing aspects.

So far we had been focusing on the blockchain and the backend mechanisms. There are tradeoffs, don’t get angry or discouraged things are coming around as they should be.

There is no magic wand: all things take thorough effort, skill, and time to pull off.

Always since the start of the safex blockchain you have had access to CLI wallets, mcafee wallet, now this wallet, and very soon (month or 2) to the v8 it is in production check the weekly on its status.

Imagine if you were in the ETH ico, you would be stuck behind a login screen with your tokens for 1.5 years before you could even get near them. This has never been the case with safex, they’ve always been in reach, we’re now going to have them directly under your finger tips.

If you already migrated: you’re in perfect shape, enjoy the ride. If you haven’t I strongly suggest you do, but it sounds like you already did.


Very encouraging…hear that ? That’s the sound of progress. So for you, a baby animal pic

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