Best Crash Test for SAFEX team

The Safex Token Overflow bug which exposed the safex blockchain in a crucial time inside Christmas and NewYear holidays was by far the best chance to test the teams and Daniel’s reflexes and the ability to act fast and take serious decisions with his great developers (even on Holidays period) and to get it fixed .
The momentum also was amazing cause it happened before the MP release and before Marketing Period so (no harm done) just to show that Safex team know what to do on crunch time and when MP is ready when the whole world will try to steal or destroy it we can rely on them and they will be on Alert.
As long as nobody lost coins , everything is fine and can be fixed.
Well done Igor,Daniel and SAFEX team for the quick response and action taken.
Now our trust in you and your skills strengthen even more.
twm Let’s Do it



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i am very serious . We don’t need less coins for a working marketplace. Even with 100 billions sft the MP will be working . Safex Cash is the Mp Currency. The only harm is for dividend hunters. I just want to sell and buy products safe with cryptocurrency so i don’t care if there are 1.6 bil or 5 bil. If we have a safe working MP people will buy all of them.

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I don’t know what to say except good luck to you


Nobody will steal the idea - SAFEX is as organic as the amazon rainforest.

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