Best wallet to use

Hi fellow members, just need some advice on which is the best wallet to use to to send SFT tokens to an exchange. Also need to know how to go about, any advice is much appreciated.

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V2 Orbiter or cli wallet.


Thanks for your reply, but where do i go to get the orbiter v2 wallet down load.

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See Step 3 here:

I linked to the orbiter wallet files directly, you can also find them on the website in the downloads section. In the article, you also see a wallet walkthrough video. Basically, you will just go to send cash/token, and copy paste the deposit address (safex cash or safex token) from your exchange account in there.


Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. Have created a new wallet and sent some SFT tokens to the wallet deposit address at coin deal exchange yesterday. But when I Iogged back in this morning there was no information in i so I used the re scan the block option. The SFT token have not arrived at coin deal yet and in the transactional history it shows the SFT tokens as being sent, every now and then message pops up saying couldn’t store wallet. I have tried to re scan the block chain but still get the same message - couldn’t store wallet, when I look at the seeds an key section in the wallet all the addresses are correct.The wallet shows the correct balance less the SFT tokens I have sent to the Coin deal exchange. Not sure what to do now and would
appreciate some help, thanks again.
Regards Joe.


  1. Your Antivirus isn’t interfering
  2. You have the wallet program set to run in administrator mode.

Did you include the paymentID for your CoinDeal deposit?

Thanks for your reply again and your useful suggestions.
How do I set the program to administrator mode.
No I did not include the payment ID in my transaction, as there was only one section that asked for the receivers address. What can I do to fix this as I am feeling annoyed with myself at having done such a stupid thing.
Again really appreciate your help.

For administrator mode… find the program on your PC, right click - Properties
Then go to (normally) second tab and look down near the bottom.

TMK, Coindeal always provide a PaymentID on the deposit screen and clearly warn to use it. You will need to contact their support.

Thanks again for your help, have done transfers to exchange. And did the payment ID this time.
Cheers Mate.