Big Up Dan & the team: Love the new wallet! BCC question

Hi all,

I love version 5 of the wallet. Its awesome and shows the balances perfectly! Only snag is I accidentally imported my bitcoin from a paper wallet that hadn’t had the Bitcoin Cash claimed yet. I was going to use wallet to separate the Bcash tomorrow and buy more alts on Bittrex whilst keeping my BTC balance in the Safex wallet.

Apologies as I posted on support forum yesterday but need a reply today…

Can you import the same private key into wallet and Safex at the same time? Shall I archive the private key in the Safex wallet, then import it to, split the Bitcoin Cash and then unarchive the private key in Safex wallet?

Can somebody help me please!

Love this community.


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Not to threadjack, but what is the safest way to upgrade to the new wallet? I’m on an older version. Is there an “update wallet” button hidden in the older wallets somewhere?


There is no real danger.

What you do is download and install, without uninstalling your old one.

Open new wallet, put your password and your in, your key where your balance is should be there.

Now a lot of times people did not see their balance, what you do;
There is now 2 tabs, one for home and one for archive, if you don’t see your balance, send that key (to archive) and then bring it back (to home) and it should show your balance.

There is no need to worry and do stupid panic things, you can always go back to old wallet.

When you are satisfied, you go in control panel and delete old wallet.

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Do we have to update to the new wallet? I’m happy with the version 3, and rather not risk anything. Thanks!

I would also like to know if it is necessary to upgrade to the new wallet

I’m having issues with version 5. Is it necessary to upgrade in order to receive dividends? If not, Id rather stay on v3.

If so, please advise what I did wrong. I went into 5 and clicked on import wallet; loaded my encrypted file and password. After that, nothing and my balance was zero. I tried to toggle between home and archive for my public address but still was not seeing any safex in my account. Please advise.


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Download, install, import key, done.

Do we need the new wallet or not? Thanks

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yes, for some reason wallet v5 does not show any balance.
reverting back to v3 solves the problem instantly.

better stick to v3.
oh and antivirus still has to be disabled. how come every other wallet has no problem with antivirus, but after almost half a year, we still have such problems?

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Again, guys, it’s as simple as archiving the key and bringing it back. Voila. Everything will work perfectly. I’d suggest go with the update and simply follow the steps that were outlined.

Pls don’t spread nonsense…

I have never had an issue with the safex wallet and antivirus software. So don’t assume your problem is everyone’s problem.

Hey, I’m having the same issue with this so called ‘upgrade’. How about sparing us the condescension and answering the question; "Is it necessary to upgrade from 3 to 5 or can we sit tight on 3 and still reap the rewards?’ Not trying to be a jerk, but we’ve asked the question 3 times and no one has given an exact answer.


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There has been nothing to suggest that you must have the latest wallet version. I encountered zero issue with my upgrade at any point and the majority of people that I have seen mention an issue, has had the issue fixed by following advise on here. What is your issue?

There is no real need to upgrade if your happy with v3 and it shows your SAFEX balance, however my v3 didn’t show the balance but v5 works. If you simply export the .dat as a precaution and keep the unsafex file containing private keys somewhere away from hackers its unlikely anything will go wrong. Follow the video on the safex website which basically says replace the program file in applications without uninstalling the data. However I’m on a mac so it might be different for you.
If it aint broke don’t fix it!
Best of luck

Really isn’t much work to upgrade. All you need is the .dat wallet key, which you are already using for v3.

The key doesn’t change, so you can use the same key for both v3 and v5.

Thanks guys; my balance is showing up in V5 now. It appears that there are several ways to skin this proverbial cat and the easiest solution for me was to go into v3 and hit ‘archive’. I then downloaded v5 and proceeded to login (option on left) as normal. Previously I had tried to ‘import wallet’ which failed.

Anyway, after logging in as normal I toggled between home and archive. Once I did this, my balance was immediately displayed.

Final question; is there anything else I need to do? Destroy v3, etc?
Thanks to all for your help.


Why don’t you just archive/unarchive in v5?

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We need a wallet for the iPhone users I don’t want to miss out on the chillie coins

What you don’t have a laptop, PC, Mac etc?