Binance listing

Now that Safex is a complete PRODUCT not a project like 99% of all other cryptos. Doesnt a binance listing seem possible?
Also wrapping both sft and sfx to binance chain would be great for safex.

We could see a possible 100x increase in price, no doubt.


Hi Nordic! Yes Safex is unique and we have a live product. Binance has been suggested many times since this forum has started around 2016. Safex is already realising new exchange listings in this phase. Have you searched this forum with ‘Binance’? You will find that in recent threads/posts Binance listing can be very expensive!! Anyway, nothing is impossible! Let’s be content with recent progress and enjoy the many many product listings on our marketplace.

Now live: (excellent for buying both SFT & SFX with USDT!)
Coming up:, :wink: (When? When we’re ready.)


Nordic, You got a good point mate! :rocket:


Hi Vacsetron,

Safex is listed on but sft and sfx deposit and withdraw options are still unavailable. I already chated with support and they mentioned they waiting for Safex developer.

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