BIP 148 - Bitcoin Fork August 1st

Greetings everyone,

An important follow up date. During the next 24 hours it is advised not to make any Bitcoin or Safex transactions due to the BIP 148 improvement protocol fork.

We will do an update when we are sure the coast is clear.

Safe Exchange Developers


Here are some additional resources about the upcoming forking situation.

Bittrex has stopped all transaction for SEC.

Do safe Ex holders get any BCC?

Actually no, only Bitcoins are awarded the Bitcoin Cash.

Some more additional info if you want to redeem your Bitcoin Cash (warning highly technical) Be careful!

So, to Recap …

  1. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to, and there is no rush. If your private keys are secure, your funds are secure.

  2. If you want to use your BCH in any way, it’s probably best to first move your BTC to a whole new address that you control, or even an address generated from a whole new seed. (But don’t lose your old private keys or seed: these still hold your BCH!)

  3. Once you know what you’re doing, move your BCH either to a new address you control or perhaps to an exchange to sell, or whatever it is you want to do with your “free money.”

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August 3, 2017

We’ve received several inquiries about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) since the fork on 8/1/2017. Our hesitation to immediately support BCH or any other Bitcoin (BTC) derivative was and is born out of the desire to ensure the security of network operations and the safety of our users’ tokens.

We will be crediting users who had BTC in their account balance at the time of the fork with matching BCH. We expect this to occur on or before 8/14/17. Keep in mind that we have not yet determined if we will be listing BCH as a market on Poloniex nor can we commit to supporting BCH withdrawals right away. The ability to withdraw BCH will depend on network stability which is completely outside of our control.

We appreciate everyone’s patience on the matter.

  • The Poloniex Team
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