BITCOIN - $17.00c

I bought 10 of them back in the day.

I thought I was a genius when I sold at $200.


There’s still a chance we’re due for a significant correction soon. I expected it by now but it could come before years end.

Otherwise… 2018 might be THE bull market.

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Crypto is at a quarter $trillion right now, with BTC at barely over half. Not yet 1% of global commerce.

We ARE the correction.

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you truly are poetic and i agree we ARE the correction! :smiley:

Any market can and will move downwards too. Everyone is a buyer…until they aren’t. It’s never a good idea to assume that things can only ever rise. Gotta take the rough with the smooth. The big players will crush the little guy at a time of their choosing and depending on external events.


I think if the stock market crashes again soon (feels like its pretty due here in a bit) crypto might just get the push for mass adoption. If everyone decides to switch over then suddenly the majority of money supply will go into crypto, meaning current market cap would be childs play. Also…whales would become superpowers…

That may be true but I think it would be somewhat narrow sighted to not recognise the influence of major institutions in the crypto sphere too. In such an event they may need to liquidate en masse. Which, you are right maybe ultimately lead to a bigger flow of capital into here but the moment that markets become predictable is when they are at their weakest.
Assuming said scenario occurred, you could get a stampede following the initial big hitters. I get the feeling that this market could see some big dips. One potential cause which is not even stock market related could be the when bitconnnect collapses which I think is likely to occur sooner rather than later.