Bitcoin Isn't the Future of Cryptocurrency, but Safex Might Be

In-depth article about the deficiency of bitcoin and how safex compensates for bitcoin’s shortcomings. Where bitcoin is failing - safex is going to succeed. What do you think?


Great article, but we have to agree, that we are still a way of that goal and a lot could go wrong.

Safex has great potential, but to reach it we really have to get the blockchain running on a much higher hashrate.

Getting new exchanges and therewith more people interested hopfully not only in buying, but also in mining is one great attempt to reach it (thanks for all community members that gave some of their crypto to archive that on the croudfund - and a shoutout to thouse who want to see Safex succsess let’s try to reach at least the 2 BTC mark)

And of course the mining farms hopfully supported by a lot of community members can make a change…

Dan and the team are doing a great work, and I hope our dreams will become true and one day we will not have to buy anything from amazon or ebay anymore…
but this dream probably can only become truth if the whole community takes part in it’s accomplishment…


Couldn’t agree more @Mex!

Article suggests that bitcoin has some flaws and Safex team came up with the ways to overcome those and create a truly workable solution for facilitating online payments. But only in theory for now. For those ideas to become a reality we must all contribute, everyone should do their part in areas which they are the best.

For me it is promotion and that is why I started this publication. If anyone wants to join in and contribute I’ll be more than happy to share my vision and strategy for the promotion. Feel free to contact me. Together we can make Safex the future of e-commerce and cryptocurrency.

All the best, Alfred

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You are welcome! I will follow! Tnx :slight_smile:

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